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Table of Contents

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Also on this website:


Gay Spirituality: The Role of Gay Identity in the Transformation of Human Consciousness

Gay Perspective: Things Our Homosexuality Tells Us About the Nature of God and the Universe

The Myth of the Great Secret: An Appreciation of Joseph Campbell

In Search of God in the Sexual Underworld: A Mystical Journey


Secret Matter

Getting Life in Perspective

The Fourth Quill

with Steve Berman,  Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling,
With Walter L. Williams, Two Spirits A Story of Life With the Navajo

Articles and Excerpts:

Read Toby's review of Samuel Avery's The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness

Funny Coincidence: "Aliens Settle in San Francisco"

The Simple Answer to the Gay Marriage Debate

Why gay people should NOT Marry

A Bifurcation of Gay Spirituaity

Wedding Cake Liberation

Gay Marriage in Texas

What's ironic

Shame on the American People

The "highest form of love"

 The cause of homosexuality

What is homosexuality?

The origins of homophobia

Q&A about Jungian ideas in gay consciousness

What is Gay Spirituality?

My three messages

What Jesus said about Gay Rights

Queering religion

Common Experiences Unique to Gay Men

The purpose of homosexuality

Interview on the Nature of Homosexuality

What the Bible Says about Homosexuality

Mesosexual Ideal for Straight Men

Varieties of Gay Spirituality

Waves of Gay Liberation Activity

Why Gay Spirituality: Spirituality as Artistic Medium

Easton Mountain Retreat Center

Andrew Harvey & Spiritual Activism

"It's Always About You"

The myth of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara

Joseph Campbell's description of Avalokiteshvara

You're Not A Wave

How many lifetimes in an ego?

Emptiness & Religious Ideas

Experiencing experiencing experiencing

Going into the Light

Meditations for a Funeral

Meditation Practice

The way to get to heaven

Advice to Travelers to India & Nepal

The Danda Nata & goddess Kalika

Nate Berkus is a bodhisattva

John Boswell was Immanuel Kant

Curious Bodies

What Toby Johnson Believes

The Joseph Campbell Connection

Campbell & The Pre/Trans Fallacy

The Two Loves

The Nature of Religion

What's true about Religion

Being Gay is a Blessing

Drawing Long Straws

Freedom of Religion

The Gay Agenda

Gay Saintliness

Gay Spiritual Functions

The subtle workings of the spirit in gay men's lives.

The Sinfulness of Homosexuality

Proposal for a study of gay nondualism

 "The Evolution of Gay Identity"

"St. John of the Cross &
the Dark Night of the Soul."

Avalokiteshvara at the Baths.

 Eckhart's Eye

Let Me Tell You a Secret

Religious Articulations of the Secret

The Collective Unconscious

Driving as Spiritual Practice


Historicity as Myth


No Stealing

Next Step in Evolution

The New Myth

The Moulting of the Holy Ghost

Gaia is a Bodhisattva

The Hero's Journey as archetype

Teenage Prostitution and the Nature of Evil

Allah Hu: "God is present here"
Adam and Steve

The Life is in the Blood

Gay retirement and the "freelance monastery"

Seeing with Different Eyes

What are you looking for in a gay science fiction novel?

The mystical experience at the Servites'  Castle in Riverside

The Great Dance according to C.S.Lewis

The Marian doctrines

Kim McKell, Toby's favorite teacher

The Techniques Of The World Saviors

Part 1: Brer Rabbit and the Tar-Baby
Part 2:
The Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara
Part 3:
Jesus and the Resurrection
Part 4:
A Course in Miracles

The Secret of the Clear Light

Understanding the Clear Light

What is Enlightenment?


Mobius Strip

Finding Your Tiger Face

How Gay Souls Get Reincarnated

About Alien Abduction

In honor of Sir Arthur C Clarke

Karellen was a homosexual

The D.A.F.O.D.I.L. Alliance

More about Gay Mental Health

Psych Tech Training

The Rainbow Flag

Ideas for gay mythic stories

Toby's friend and nicknamesake Toby Marotta.

Harry Hay, Founder

About Hay and The New Myth

About Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

About Michael Talbot, gay mystic

About Guy Mannheimer

About David Weyrauch

About Fr. Bernard Lynch

About Arthur Evans, gay pioneer

About Christopher Larkin

About Dennis Paddie

About Ask the Fire

About Sterling Houston

About Michael Stevens

Our friend Tom Nash

Second March on Washington

Book Reviews

Be Done on Earth by Howard E. Cook

Pay Me What I'm Worth by Souldancer

The Way Out by Christopher L  Nutter

The Gay Disciple by John Henson

Art That Dares by Kittredge Cherry

Extinguishing the Light by B. Alan Bougeois

Coming Out, Coming Home by Kenneth Burr

Dark Knowledge by Kenneth Low

Janet Planet by Eleanor Lerman

The Kairos by Paul E. Hartman

Wrestling with Jesus by D.K.Maylor

Kali Rising by Rudolph Ballentine

The Missing Myth by Gilles Herrada

The Secret of the Second Coming by Howard E. Cook

The Scar Letters: A Novel by Richard Alther

The Future is Queer by Labonte & Schimel

Missing Mary by Charlene Spretnak

Gay Spirituality 101 by Joe Perez

Cut Hand: A Nineteeth Century Love Story on the American Frontier by Mark Wildyr

Radiomen by Eleanor Lerman

Nights at Rizzoli by Felice Picano

Male Sexuality by Ken Stofft

The Key to Unlocking the Closet Door by Chelsea Griffo

The Door of the Heart by Diana Finfrock Farrar

Occam’s Razor by David Duncan

Grace and Demion by Mel White

Gay Men and The New Way Forward by Raymond L. Rigoglioso

The Dimensional Stucture of Consciousness by Samuel Avery


A New Vision of Spirituality
--- What gay people are here for! ---

 Our homosexuality can be a clue to us about the nature & meaning of our own lives and about the nature of God.

The All in One -- Stevee Postman
Learn how homosexuality can be a path to holiness, a goad to virtue and excellence

and a practice of mystical vision and understanding God.

We don't have to just "believe in" God, we can "understand" God.
And that understanding transforms our lives in goodness.

This is "Queering Religion."

Read this article below

Image "The All in One" - cover at for Gay Spirituality: Gay Identity and the
Transformation of Consciousness
by Stevee Postman. http://stevee.com/

Read "Common Experiences Unique to Gay Men"

Image "Bodhisattva" - cover art for Gay Perspective: Things our [homo]sexuality tells us
about the nature of God and the Universe
by Peter Grahame http://www.ironic-horse.com/

After visiting this site, please go take a look at Lethe Press.
This is the small gay publisher that Toby Johnson is working with.
There's a wonderful selection of gay and lesbian titles, with a specialization in
gay spec fiction, sci-fi, spirituality and culture.

click here for Lethe Press

Items of note:

R.I.P  -  Rev. Malcolm Boyd

Kitt Cherry article about Malcolm Boyd

Los Angeles Times obituary

Malcolm Boyd and his partner Mark Thompson have been major characters in the development of
Gay Spirituality. Both assisted with the creation of the White Crane Spirituality series.
Several of Malcolm's books are White Crane titles.

See White Crane Series
Days of Love

Toby Johnson & Kip Dollar are proud to be included among the 700-some couples
in the wonderful book

In mid-October 2014, Toby Johnson gave a Keynote Address
"Gay Perspective & the New Myth"
at the LoveSpirit 2014 gathering in London.
Love Spirit
Toby & Kip spent a week in London, hosted by Shokti LoveStar and Andy Saich.
Toby's talk at LoveSpirit—and a smaller, more intimate "Evening with Toby Johnson" on the next Tuesday—were both well-received.
Here's a webpage presentation that Toby showed to illustrate his talk.
Toby's talk at LoveSpirit 2014
This is a good summary of Toby Johnson's basic theories of gay consciousness and of religion and myth,
and an explication of why Johnson thinks of himself as "Joseph Campbell's Apostle to the Gay Communty."


Here's a wonderful statement from British Radical Faerie Shokti Lovestar
of the secret spiritually-aware gay men bring to the evolution of the world:

The SHIFT OF THE AGES comes when we humans realise that we are not separate individuals randomly bumping into each other
on an uncharted journey through existence – but rather that we are the CONSCIOUS PRESENCE of that EXISTENCE,
the intelligence, creativity and awareness of the UNIVERSE itself.
We are not separate from it, except in that we each have a unique and valuable viewpoint on the whole.
If consciousness is a plant, we are each a flower providing our own colour and scent to the world – but we are still part of the plant.

Read the whole essay

Here's a WONDERFUL quote from Shokti's blog "Tales of Queer Emergence":

"Even within religions some of us are active, chipping away at the hostility and fear that often exists there towards us. Current religious controversies around gay love and sex tend to overlook the fact that churches and monasteries have always attracted queer people who seek to help others or wish to create a gentler, more loving world. And whether within a religious framework or independently, more and more of us are pursuing the quest of self-knowledge and realisation. Some of us have discovered that pleasure, sex and same sex love do not cut us off from the sacred – in fact if we infuse our pleasures and relationships with a sense of the sacred we get more out of them. The sense of being at one with the universe, at home in life, at peace with interconnectedness, can not be found outside ourselves. Like coming out, these profound states that make life so much more enjoyable, start from the inside. But when we have found the peace and love we can share those feelings with others, and the spiritual nature of our loving gay souls will emerge and continue to change the world."

Read the whole article: "Being Gay is a Spiritual Calling"


 "Gay men have important work to do for humanity," begins the description of Gay Men of Wisdom.

Lifecoach Raymond L. Rigoglioso has been runing a monthly telephone discussion group,
occasional weekend Intensives (at Easton Mountain) and a website about understanding gayness
as a spiritual and life-positive, contributing vocation.

He has published his discoveries in a book titled Gay Men and The New Way Forward.


Gay Spirituality: Gay Identity & the Transformation of Human Consciousness
is now available as an audiobook, beautifully narrated by John Sipple.
Click here

Gay Perspective audiobook
Gay Perspective
is available as an audiobook narrated by Matthew Whitfield.

The Fourth Quill

Toby's 1987 novel PLAGUE has been re-released

with changes and a Foreword by the author.

A novel in medical thriller genre about the problem of evil.
Chilling and heartwarming at the same time.
With a recounting of the story of the
Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara

The Fourth Quill
available as an audiobook,
narrated by Jimmie Moreland

click here

Getting Life in Perspective audiobook
Getting Life in Perspective

 is available as an audiobook narrated by Alex Beckham.

Two Spirits audiobook
Two Spirits 
is available as an audiobook  narrated by Arthur Raymond.

Click here: Two Spirits - Audiobook

grace and demion
Toby Johnson says:

Gay people are not given myths through traditional culture with which we can explain our experience to ourselves. We have to create our own myths. Stories like Mel White’s Grace and Demion (which I had the good fortune to assist with editing) is a delightful and wise example of how to rearrange the old stories in order to create deeply meaningful, satisfying and revelatory personal myths.

Read about Grace and Demion

ask the fire
Toby's friend Dennis Paddie has a novel out from Lethe Press.
It's a doozey!  see Dennis Paddie

A sensible conspiracy theory of 9/11 • the secret of the Knights Templar • a gay Mata Hari seducing secrets from modern Araby

a confrontation with death and a peek into the Bardoyoung gay lovers discovering the pleasures of high class life with Washington, DC socialites—and the dangers • reminiscences of gay life in Austin TX in the 1960s
• an incredible, literary melange.
ASK THE FIRE by Dennis Paddie.

The Passion of Christ

Toby Johnson contributed an Afterword and Commentary
on the mythic/mystical meaning of the Crucifixion of Jesus for

The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision
A book of essays by Kittredge Cherry
And paintings by Doug Blanchard

click here for more information and links to purchase

Toby Johnson's Books on Gay Men's Spiritualities:

Gay Perspective cover Gay Spirituality cover secret matter charmed lives Getting Life The Fourth Quill
Two Spirits


Things Our [Homo]sexuality
Tells Us
about the
Nature of God and
the Univer
Gay Identity and 
the Transformation
Human Consciousness



revised edition


Gay Spirit in

edited by
Toby Johnson

& Steve Berman



(originally published as Plague: A Novel about Healing)

Toby's other books are: In Search of God in the Sexual Underworld, The Myth of the Great Secret

". . . a writer with a positive vision and a wonderful attitude"    
 --Rich Grzesiak, Philadelphia Gay News

"There is a fresh naivete in [Toby Johnson's] style that rings pleasantly in the ear, like the memory of a 'boy's book' enthusiastically devoured at age 12. Against the sour punk of so much of today's gay male fiction, Getting Life in Perspective is a treat."  --Marvin Shaw, Lambda Book Report

Purchase & download PDFs instantly! Pay through AmazonPayments
Gay Spirituality as a pdf -- $7.99
Gay Perspective as a pdf -- $7.99

includes The Quest of Life interview with Toby Johnson by Harry Faddis,
entitled "The Way of Joyful Participation in the Sorrows of the World"

Secret Matter as pdf -- $7.99
Getting Life in Perspective as pdf -- $8.99

Charmed Lives as pdf -- $7.99

The PDF files are sutiable for reading on your computer or download to iTunes and transfer to iPad, kindle or other ebook reader.
Toby Johnson's titles are available in other ebook formats from Smashwords.

Scroll down for more

Toby was interviewed by Nils Taranger for his film on gay spirituality titled A Blue Flower.
 Here's a YouTube video


Toby's spoken with Harry Faddis for the Quest of Life radio show and podcast.

Toby Johnson champions the "Gay Men's Spirituality Movement."

He is former editor of White Crane Journal
Read about the Varieties of Gay Spiritualities

Books on Gay Spirituality: White Crane Gay Spirituality Series

Toby Johnson is profiled on the DREAMWalker Group site

Here's a bold statement about the nature of gay consciousness & the nature of religion.

A Bifurcation of Gay Spirituality: a review of Kennth Burr's Coming Out, Coming Home
with a discussion of the difference between "spirituality & religion for gay people"
and "Gay Spirituality" for gay people.

Scroll down for more

Articles                                                                    back to top

A Bifurcation of Gay Spirituality: a review of Kennth Burr's Coming Out, Coming Home with a discussion of the difference between
"spirituality & religion for gay people" and "Gay Spirituality" for gay people.

Queering religion cannot mean just getting queers to go back to church. Queering religion has to mean raising the perspective and discovering a new paradigm.

Common Experiences Unique to Gay Men.
We're like everybody else in most ways of course, but there are some experiences non-gay people don't have
that are very important to us.

Here's the prayer the openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson gave at the opening of the inaugral celebrations for Barack Obama

About gay body image and compassionate etiquette (with photo):
Curious Bodies

Read What Toby Johnson Believes

What is "Gay Spirituality"?

Very succinctly, the three messages of "gay spirituality"

A proposal for a Study of Non-dualistic Thinking among gay people

The Simple Answer to the Gay Marriage Debate

What Joseph Campbell called only half-jokingly "the highest form of love"
Shame on the "Conservative Christians" for voting as they have

Why gay people should NOT get married, because the model of relationship is different.

What's ironic about the Gay Marriage battle!

What Jesus said about the cause of homosexuality What Jesus said about gay rights

What the Bible Says about Homosexuality

The Purpose of Homosexuality in human culture and evolution of consciousness.

What is homosexuality in metaphysical terms?

Toby Johnson and Joe Perez both discuss
The Two Loves: duality for its other half, unity for its self-reflection as a meatphysical explanantion of sexual love.

What causes homophobia?

The Mesosexual Ideal for Straight Men

Why Gay Spirituality?: Spirituality as Artistic Medium

An interview about The Nature of Homosexuality

Q&A about Jungian ideas in gay consciousness after reading Mitch Walker, an homage to an important gay elder

On The Sinfulness of homosexuality

Are you the reincarnationn of Edward Carpenter?

What is reincarnation about anyway?

A whimsical proposition: Gay Classics scholar John Boswell was a reincarnation of philosopher Immanuel Kant
Scroll down for more articles

What is Enlightenment?

Kip and Toby traveled to India and Nepal in December 2006 and came back with useful and important advice for travelers

In 1996, Toby participated in an EarthWatch Expedition to study the Hindu spring festival call the Danda Nata. He had quite an experience living
in a small town in India for 3 weeks. The festival included the transformation of a young man into the living goddess Kalila.

Toby's presentation  How to Read a Myth: "It's Always About You" 

Toby's workshop on The Myth of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara

Joseph Campbell's description of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara

Oprah's pal Nate Berkus is a bodhisattva

Ram Dass's story: You're Not A Wave

We now live several lives within one lifetime. What does this mean about who we really are?
How many lifetimes in an ego?

Emptiness & Religious Ideas from Nagarjuna to Eckhart

Historicity as Myth: an essay for Harry Faddis & Patrick Cheng's "The Ways of the Spirit: A Course in Spirituality for LGBT People"
presented on
WRPI radio, March 2006. This essay is a marvelous statement of what religious truth really is.

Experiencing experiencing experiencing: where the appearance of body, mind, and spirit comes from

Toby's notion of the next step in the evolution of human consciousness

What is The New Myth going to be?

The Doctrine of the Moulting of the Holy Ghost

Gaia, the Earth Goddess, is a Bodhisattva -- with a lovely poem by Thich Nhat Hanh praising the planet Earth as the source of all life

Read Meditation Practices for a Funeral

Read an excerpt about dying consciously from PLAGUE titled "Going Into the Light"

Read about Meditation Practice and about Daniel Helminiak's Meditation Without Myth

Read about The Joseph Campbell Connection, and about an adventure with Campbell at the Mann Ranch.

The Hero's Journey as the archetypal pattern of evoution

Easton Mountain Gay Retreat Center hosted Gay Spirit Camp 2007

Scroll down for more articles

Read Toby's article on gay spirit titled  "The Evolution of Gay Identity"

Read about "St. John of the Cross and the Dark Night of the Soul."

Toby tells the story of meeting Avalokiteshvara at the Baths.

Toby explains how Being Gay is a Blessing (in an excerpt from his book Gay Spirituality)

Recollections from Toby's life -- Buying the house from the Gadpailles & Being God on ketamine -- Two stories about Drawing Long Straws:

He argues that the modern American idea of Freedom of Religion reveals a deep secret about the nature of religion and God.

Gay Saintliness is a review of Donald Boivert's Sanctity and Male Desire. The article contains a stirring gay positive paragraph by Boisvert.

Christian de la Huerta, author of Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step, identifies ten spiritual functions of gay and lesbian people.

A succinct description of the subtle workings of the spirit in gay men's lives.

The so-called "Priest Pedophilia scandal" reveals truths about the nature of homosexual consciousness and errors in Christian teaching about sexuality
that are missed when the focus is put on findng who to blame

A wonderful story called "I Want to Know Them All" by Toby's straight hippie friend L. Houston Wood in the early 70s that appeared
in an issue of White Crane Journal about the Bodhisattva identity

Read Toby's whimsical piece about Adam and Steve.  This essay on biblical history appeared in the Fall 2004 issue of Ashe Journal 3.3

Read about the Gay Spirituality Summit, the Gay Spirit Culture Project, and the 
"Statement of Spirituality" with Toby's commentary

Toby's speculations about gay retirement and the "freelance monastery"

Toby comments appreciatively on Andrew Harvey's concept of Spiritual Activism and his new book THE HOPE

Scroll down for more articles

Toby describes the quest to find The Great Secret

How the Great Secret underlies all religion and spirituality

What's true about Religion is the deep religious experience that belief and "faith" are intended to generate

Toby's account of the mystical experience in 1969 that transformed his vision of life and God

How to get to heaven

Seeing with Different Eyes: How we human beings see the world is based more on our expectations than on what's really out there (an excerpt from In Search of God in the Sexual Underworld)

Eckhart's Eye is a meditation on the evocative "koan": "The eye with which I see God is the eye with which God sees me."

Teenage Prostitution and the Nature of Evil, another excerpt from In Search of God in the Sexual Underworld, recounts of Toby's discovery of spiritual wisdom in the oddest of places, the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.

The Life is in the Blood: Toby Johnson's Biblically-based answer to when life begins.

The Commandment "Thou shalt not steal" is not a basis for private ownership of property. The Buddhist precept "No Stealing" is about compassion for others' feelings, not property rights.

Allah Hu: "God is present here" -- a secret Toby learned from the Sufi Dancing classes in San Francisco in the 1970s.

Joseph Campbell and Ken Wilber's critique of the "Pre/Trans Fallacy": Three important themes in Campbellian thought.

Scroll down for more articles

The article from
The Myth of the Great Secret: An Appreciation of Joseph Campbell titled The Techniques Of The World Saviors is in four parts.

Part 1: Brer Rabbit and the Tar-Baby
Part 2: The Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara
Part 3: Jesus and the Resurrection
Part 4: A Course in Miracles

Painting: "Christ Invests Himself Organically with the Very Majesty of His Universe"

Scroll down for more articles

How Gay Souls Get Reincarnated, a cute piece, a little tongue-in-cheek, but with a profound meaning about gay identity and gay spirit.

Bonobos, Family Values, and Gay Reincarnation

Toby's experience of learning "The Secret of the Clear Light" from Joseph Campbell and the real meaning of afterlife.

How to Understand the Image of the Clear Light.

The "Mobius Strip" as a topological image for gay consciousness.

Finding Your Tiger Face: Joseph Campbell's story about the great secret of life.

The Nature of Religion according to Joseph Campbell. A very wise statement from The Hero with A Thousand Faces. (Links to The Joseph Campbell Foundation and the Campbell Gimbutas Library and Archives at Pacifica.

C.S. Lewis describing "The Great Dance" of mystical realization.

Speculations on the phenomenon of Alien Abduction

Driving a car as spiritual practice: Driving Samadhi

Read about Toby's inspiration for where the Visitors' come from in the revised edition of Secret Matter

What are you looking for in a gay science fiction novel?

The best gay science fiction novel ever in Toby Johnson's opinion.

Some ideas for gay mythic stories

The Marian Doctrines: The Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in historic context.

Scroll down for more articles

History                                                                                            back to top

Most of what Toby Johnson knows of gay history he learned from his work with Toby Marotta. Marotta has a website with historical gay political posters for sale and with an exhibit of gay liberation documents called Revisiting Stonewall.

Along with Patrick McNamara, Duncan Teague, Craig Harwood, Dave Nimmons, as well as Mark Thompson, Christian de la Huerta, David Frechter, Michael Sigmann, Bo Young, Dan Vera, and others, Toby Johnson assisted with the calling of a "Gay Spirit Summit" in Spring 2004 at Garrison Institute.  Read about the Gay Spirituality Summit and the  "Statement of Spirituality" with Toby's commentary.

Interesting article from the 1981 West Coast Christopher Street Parade magazine by L.A. gay pioneer Jim Kepner, titled The Seach for Gay Spirit. Everything he wrote about in 1981 is still current 30 years later in 2011.

Toby Johnson's 1988 article SPIRITUAL QUESTIONS IN GAY COUNSELING from The Sourcebook on Lesbian/Gay Health Care

The D.A.F.O.D.I.L. Alliance of Gay Mental Health workers in San Francisco in 1979: a great example of successful community activism.

Toby Johnson, Psych Tech lived in San Francisco and worked at Mount Zion Hospital Crisis Clinic & The Tenderloin Clinic

Proto Faerie Gathering at the Fault of the Earth Ranch, 1972 and San Francisco Gay Rap "Gay-Straight Consciousness Raising Retreat"

Being Gay at the California Institute of Asian Studies / California Institute of Integral Studies in the 1970s

The Stonewall Riots, Drag Queens, and Judy Garland's Funeral.

In 1978, Toby Johnson was a "parade monitor," stationed just below the newly-inaugurated Rainbow Flags that have come to symbolize transformation

Toby's recollections of San Francisco Gay Pride Marches in the 1970s

Toby Johnson learned his gay politics from his friend and nicknamesake Toby Marotta. Please read about their important friendship.

Waves of Gay Liberation Activity from hunter/gatherers to modern gay lib.

Harry Hay: Father and Founder of the modern gay movement; his thought summarized by Will Roscoe

About Arthur Evans, gay pioneer

One of the earliest expressions of "Gay Spirituality" showed up as the book The Divine Androgyne According to Purusha. Earlier in his life as a gay cultural activist, under the name Christopher Larkin, Purusha had made the gay romantic movie A Very Natural Thing.

About Harry Hay, the New Myth, "Spiritual, not Religious," through the Gay Window -- a panel presentation for the 2012 Centennial of Hay's birth Conference at CLAGS

About the Gay Spirituality Summit in May 2004 and the  "Statement of Spirituality" with Toby's commentary

About the study of teenage prostitution Toby Marotta and Toby Johnson worked in for URSA in 1978-1980

About Michael Talbot and the Holographic Universe

About Guy Mannheimer and the Mann Ranch Seminars

About David Weyrauch, San Francisco painter and artist

About Fr. Bernard Lynch, Toby & Kip's friend in London and gay Catholic saint

About Dennis Paddie, Austin/San Antonio playwright, poet, and vagabond bon vivant. Dennis wrote a beautiful tribute to fellow Texas playwright Sterling Houston who died November 8, 2006.

About Toby and Kip's successful long term relationship and the Wedding Cake Liberation Event in San Antonio, June 16, 2005

About Michael Steves and Patrick Kerr in the San Antonio gay community of the 1980s.

About Ralph Walker and The Loving Brotherhood. Ralph Walker was one of the Fathers of the Gay Spirituality Movement.

About Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, creator of modern gay consciousness. The firtst man to really "come out."

Tom Nash, a San Antonio lovable "character."

Bro. Martin McMurtrey, Toby's -- very influential and life-changing -- writing teacher in high school.

Kip Dollar & Toby Johnson participated with hundreds of other couples in a "group marriage ceremony" in front of the IRS Building during the Second March on Washington in 1987.

Eva Thayer, San Antonio wise woman, has a message for children of all ages about positive self-esteem.

Kim McKell, Toby's favorite teacher at the California Institute of Asian Studies

 Scroll down for more articles

Novels & Books                                                                         back to top
To see -- OR ORDER -- all of Toby Johnson's titles

To order from amazon.com

Toby's "Marvelous Gay Mystical Novels"
-- with just a touch of the Twilight Zone

the wonderful soft sci-fi Lambda Lit- and Spectrum-honored SECRET MATTER,  in a new, updated, revised, and expanded edition from Lethe Press.
the romantic & evocative ghost story set in 1890s America  GETTING LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE

the wisdom of A Course in Miracles applied to AIDS in a sci fi thriller PLAGUE: A NOVEL ABOUT HEALING -- reissued in 2012 under the name THE FOURTH QUILL

with Steve Berman, CHARMED LIVES: Gay Spirit in Storytelling, more than 30 auithors about the "charm" of being gay

In collaboration with Walter L. Williams, TWO SPIRITS: A Story of Life With the Navajo, a beautiful, romantic novel about Native American gender and sexual patterns set in the Old West.

These titles are available in gay bookstores nationwide and by mail
from the author (signed and inscribed, if you'd like).

  Toby's non-fiction titles are also described on that page:
Gay Spirituality: The Role of Gay Identity in the Transformation of Human Consciousness ( Lethe Press, 2004),

Gay Perspective: Things Our Homosexuality Tells Us About the Nature of God and the Universe (Lethe Press, 2008), and

The Myth of the Great Secret: An Appreciation of Joseph Campbell (Celestial Arts, 1992)

In Search of God in the Sexual Underworld: A Mystical Journey (Morrow, 1983)

Several of Toby's O.P. or unavailable m.s.s. are available for
free download.

All of Toby's books are available used from Barnes & Noble
(search also for Edwin Clark Johnson)
A great influence on Toby Johnson's thought AND writing style is science fiction prophet, Sir Arthur C. Clarke. Here's a short article In Honor of Sir Arthur C. Clarke and a short essay about Clarke's novel Childhood's End, "Karellen was a Homosexual"
Books on Gay Spirituality: White Crane Gay Spirituality Series
Scroll down for more 

Book Reviews

Be Done on Earth by Howard E. Cook. Blending modern-day physics and cosmology, a little Teilhard and a little Matthew Fox, comparative religion, some Joseph Campbell, intelligent New Age thought, progressed Christianity, American political idealism, evolutionary theory, postmodernism, Pope John the Beloved calls for a new Church of the Second Coming--also referred to (iconoclastically) as the Church of Kingdom Come--COKC (try pronouncing the acronym). It’s a sex-positive religion based in an evolutionary model of human nature with an openly gay priesthood.

Pay Me What I'm Worth by Souldancer.  Souldancer says he is blending good business practice with multicultural ancient wisdom. As the exercises continue, they demonstrate that giving is the way to get and that integrity and ethical living is the best success and the way to get paid by life with happiness and fulfillment. So the thing about asking for a raise is really a hook to pull you toward enightenment and wisdom.

The Way Out by Christopher Lee Nutter. Intermixing themes in current spiritual thought—the Dalai Lama, Joseph Campbell, Don Miguel Ruiz, Gary Zukav, A Course in Miracles, the Twelve Steps—Nutter offers an answer to who you really are. And in the process recounts how he came to understand this through his experience in urban gay culture. The answer, of course, isn’t new or surprising. It’s the age-old answer: we are each a perspective that “God” or “Divine Consciousness” or “the cosmos”—whatever you want to call IT—is taking on itself.

The Gay Disciple by John Henson. Gay consciousness is now part of human consciousness and naturally recapitulates Jesus’s teaching that love and compassion trump religion and law. It’s good that the Jesus story be written to include gay experience. The Life of Christ is an appropriate subset of gay literary genre.

Art That Dares by Kitt Cherry, presents erotic imagery based in Christian tradition. Cherry is the author of JESUS IN LOVE, a novelist "autobiography of Jesus" as sexually and psychologically sophisticated, a real "tour de force" in transforming traditional myth to modern consciousness. Cherry book ART THAT DARES was launched during the National Festival of Progressive Spiritual Art in Taos, NM, May 11-12. There was a show at the JHS Gallery.

The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness by Samuel Avery is a challenging and enlightening model of how consicousness generates the experience of the world. It was such a neat idea that I incorporated elements of it in my revised edition of SECRET MATTER.

A Bifurcation of Gay Spirituality: a review of Kennth Burr's Coming Out, Coming Home with a discussion of the difference between "spirituality & religion for gay people" and "Gay Spirituality" for gay people.

Extinguishing the Light by B. Alan Bougeois is an allegorical account, a parable, set in a modern Texas prison, of the appearance of a Christ-like figure who reaches out to his fellow offenders with a visionary message of love .

Over Coffee: A conversation For Gay Partnership & Conservative Faith by D.a. Thompson is a conversation between a Conservative Christian Pastor and a Conservative Christian layman--the author, D.a.--who advocates for the acceptance of gay partnership within religious congregations. He makes different arguments from the usual pro-gay marriage ones because he is NOT a proponent of same sex marriage, but of fairness within Christian churches in how the human (sinful) condition is treated. Interesting!

Dark Knowledge by Kenneth Low is a life of Christ written as a mystery story/puzzle asking the question why was Jesus actually executed. What crime had he committed that was so heinous, it deserved crucifxion? Whether you'd agree with the biblical exegetical approach in this book or not, it is really interesting and informative.

Janet Planet by Eleanor Lerman is a wonderfully engaging and beautifully written roman ŕ clef-style novel based on the real life characters surrounding Carlos Castenada and The Teachings of Don Juan.

The Jesus we never knew is presented in two interesting and entertaining books that offer insight into the real message of religion:
The Kairos by Paul E. Hartman and Wrestling with Jesus by D.K.Maylor.

Kali Rising by Rudolph Ballentine is a very interesting book about the "Foundational Principles of Tantra," but it is far more than a book of Hindu mythology. It's about a whole approach to life based in maintaining balance.

The Missing Myth by Gilles Herrada examines the science and current psychological/philosophical ideas about the nature and origins of homosexuality.

The Secret of the Second Coming by Howard E. Cook calls for a rediscovery of the Gnostic Christianity that underlay Jesus' teachings. The Second Coming is here and now.

The Scar Letters: A Novel by Richard Alther
is a sensitive, beautifully-written and ultimately moving and heartwarming account of a modern gay man coming to terms with personal pain and human suffering. A great read. Emotionally and literarily satisfying.

The Future is Queer edited by Richard Labonte & Lawrence Schimel is an anthology of science fiction short stories with interesting, occasionally unsettling, but always insightful predictions of a "queer" future.

Missing Mary by Charlene Spretnak, subititled The Queen of Heaven and Her Re-emergence in the Modern Church, is a partly scholarly, partly personal account of modern day Catholic devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Gay Spirituality 101: An Introduction to the Theory of Homophilia by Joe Perez astutely discusses the gay spirituality movement from the evolutionary persepctive of Ken Wilber.

Cut Hand: A Nineteeth Century Love Story on the American Frontier by Mark Wildyr is a sexy adventure novel about gay men and Native Americans in the Old West.

Radiomen by Eleanor Lerman is a story about the alluring mystery of life--all tied up with aliens, interstellar broadcasts, new age religion and a lovable little dog named Digitaria.

Nights at Rizzoli by Felice Picano is a memoir by a very successful and wonderful writer in the gay genre who worked at the New York upscale bookstore of the title.

Male Sexuality by Ken Stofft describes how gender role expectations confine and restrict so many men's joy and happiness.

The Key to Unlocking the Closet Door by Chelsea Griffo is an easy-to-read book of sensible advice for LGBTQ youth for how to take the next step.

The Door of the Heart by Diana Finfrock Farrar is a didactic novel about gay rights and traditional Christian values. It very well presents a range of issues from PFLAG, same-sex marriage, anti-gay bullying to organ donation and husband-wife relationship. And it's got a good story.

Occam’s Razor by David Duncan is a science-fiction novel from the 1950s. I reread it recently and discovered it's partly the basis for the metaphysical of parallel universes that appears in my novel Secret Matter.

Grace and Demion by Mel White is a part whimsical, part serious and profound fable about angels and demons and the struggle for truth about gay consciousness.

Gay Men and The New Way Forward by Raymond L. Rigoglioso is a wonderful book about the 14 Distinct Positive Contributing Traits of gay men.

The Dimensional Stucture of Consciousness by Samuel Avery is one of the neatest ideas I have ever come across. I think this explains what "reality" is.

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white crane journal
Toby Johnson is past editor of 

Take a look at the home page.

White Crane Institute also sponsors the Gay Wisdom Blog
and a yahoo group: Gay Wisdom Yahoo
My Out Spirit

Ko Imani and Goko Media are producing MyOutSpirit.com, a resource guide, and social networking site for gay spiritualities.  Click on the title or the logo to go to the homepage for info  and to submit your name or project for inclusion. The GAY SPIRITUALITY & CULTURE blog that Joe Perez managed for some four years has been interwoven into Ko Imani's MyOutSpirit.com site.

Christian de la Huerta is leading several upcoming retreats, specifically "The Soulful Power Retreat."

Joe Weston does a retreat called Respectful Confrontation. He's led this at Shalom Mountain Retreat Center.


Joseph Kramer is one of the most important characters in the development of gay positive spiritual thought.
Through his investigation of Taoism and India Tantrayoga, he developed techniques for enhancing sexual arousal (and particularly self-pleasuring) and for moving sexual arousal into high mystical states of consciousness. This is one of the most significant contributions of gay spirituality to the evolution of religion. Kramer teaches through the Internet at The New School of Erotic Touch. (Toby had a Letter to the Editor in the August 08 issue of OUT Mag acknowledging Joseph Kramer's contribution.)

Toby Johnson has presented 4 workshops at Gay Spirit Camp at Easton Mountain.
He and Kip are both VERY impressed with Easton Mountain Retreat Center
and its experiment in gay intentional community and urge readers to check out eastonmountain.org

GSspirit, a site that explores new areas of thinking and experience of what it means to be Gay.
GSspirit > can stand for Gay ( S) sacred, soul, spirit, shaman, sexuality - Spirit or spirituality.
A web-community, social network site based in Australia. Gay Spirituality - Creating the New Myth
(Toby Johnson is pleased that Darren and Bradley have adopted the mobius strip for their logo.)

spirit journeys

Travel and adventure--"pilgrimage"--are traditional spiritual practices. Spirit Journeys  offers Gay Vacations, Travel, Tours, Weekend Getaways and Men's Retreats. Spirit Journeys trips offer play, adventure and relaxation, as well as the potential for personal growth and the exploration of spirituality and sexuality.

Chicago-based Bodhi Spiritual Center pastor, Mark Anthony Lord, is organizing a network of
GLBT coaches, guides, thinkers, thought leaders, etc to lead
Pride 2.0: The Next Wave of Freedom
click on the title for info

May All Beings Have Fresh Clean Air to Breathe, May All Beings Have Food to Eat,
May All Beings Have A Home, May All Beings Have Someone to Share Love With,
May All Beings Know Their True Purpose,
May All Beings Be Well and Happy and Free From Suffering. 
Today I shall do what I can to make this so.

Our goal is to say The Metta Prayer at least once for each of the 7 billion plus humans on the planet. If we have 23 million people willing to commit to remembering The Metta one time each day for one year...we can change the consciousness of our planet...to a kinder, more humane way of being. When we change how we think, We change how we act.  When we change how we act, We can change The World! Will you help create a New World Consciousness ?

Gay Spirituality 101 by Joe Perez
Gay spiritual writer Joe Perez has a new book, short but pithy and insightful,
titled Gay Spirituality 101. But it's hardly an introduction. Perez writes in the
school of Integral Thought of Ken Wilber.

Here's Toby Johnson's brief review

Toby Johnson finds resonances of Perez's Integral Theory of Homophilia in the legacy of gay spirituality

Sacred Two Spirits

Sacred Two Spirits – People of the Stars
a blog by Mark Harris/Brother Lomi, a Taoist monk
Beautiful essays on why Gay Love is important to the world


Hunter Flournoy
Learn about Hunter Flournoy. Hunter teaches how to
"Touch the Divine in Our Bodies and Our Lives"
• develop a loving and sacramental practice of self-touch
• heal the deep wounding of distorted religious dogmas, that portray the world as fallen, sinful, or broken.
• reclaim a spiritual vision of the world and ourselves as holy, beautiful, and divine.
• begin a loving, empowering relationship with your own body, your sexuality, your pleasure and your desire

Hunter has developed wonderful body positive perspectives on the spiritual life. One of his websites is titled "Embody God."
(Isn't that the Secret? that we really are "God in the flesh.") Hunter offers events through Gay Spirit Journeys.

How Religions Must Change

Very Interesting article by Michael Parise on "How Religion Must Change"
Helping bring about such radical change in how human beings understand religion and myth
is central to Gay Spirituality

Parise summarizes his ideas succinctly:             
1. Use words sparingly • 2. Promote radical justice
3. Open up to love
4. Get comfortable with sex 5. Make friends with erotic energy
6. Get in touch with the Founder

Queering Christianity
Robert Shore-Goss, along with Patrick Cheng, Thomas Bohache, and Mona West, has just released
Queering Christianity: Finding a Place at the Table for
LGBTQI Christians.

Through essays by noted lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and intersex (LGBTQI) religion scholars, this important compilation summarizes the history and current status of LGBTQI theology, exploring its relationship to the policies, practices, and theology of traditional Christianity.

Easton Mt Xmas

John Stasio has made a short YouTube video about Easton Mountain.

It's partly appeal for donations, but also a lovely slideshow of photos,
showing the beauty of the gay retreat center in upstate New York.


the holy male zine

Gregory Foster is publishing a 'zine of queer spirituality called
The Holy Male

He has a wonderful site on tumblr called God in Drag

Sal Sapienza gave a wonderful talk to a progressive church group in his hometown Saugatuck, Michigan
He explains why being gay can be an occasion for spiritual insight and why coming out is an act of anthenticity and truth telling.
Watch his talk on Vimeo

Sal's semi-autobiographical novel about leaving Catholic religious life Seventy Times Seven is being made into a movie by director Anthony J. Caruso. There's a trailer for the movie under the film title Brotherly Love on vimeo. Neat!

The Scar Letters
Richard Alther, author of The Decade of Blind Dates (Lethe) and Siegfried Follies (Regent), has a new novel, The Scar Letters (Centaur). The victim of a brutal hate crime, never resolved, confronts his assailants eighteen years later, courting both violence and romance…
Read Toby Johnson's review of The Scar Letters

Jordan Bach

Jordan Bach is a young man in New York City using YouTube, tumblr, facebook, etc to promote a positive--and spiritual--vision of gay identity.

He's mentioned in the April/May 2013 issue of The Advocate's feature: "40 Under 40"
Lots of good material on his sites. Here's link to the YouTube page.


Interesting new book titled The Missing Myth: A New Vision of Same-Sex Love. It's written in the context of Ken Wilber's Integral Aproach (like Joe Perez's article following).

"With astounding scholarship, Gilles Herrada provides a panoramic view on the myths and mysteries of same-sex love. It will be a key work, for sure, in the coming decades as society's understanding of LGBT people deepens and evolves." — Mark Thompson, author of the
Gay Spirit, Gay Soul, Gay Body trilogy

Read Toby Johnson's review: "The Secret Myth: A Congratulatory Response to The Missing Myth"

Listen to Gilles Herrada discuss the Nature of Homosexuality with Harry Faddis on The Quest of Life podcast

Gay and Bi Men's spirituality blog
Good article by Religion/Spirituality scholar Joe Perez
on his Gay & Bi Men's Spirituality blog

The Gay Agenda 2013: All In
The Gay Agenda: All In. Juan Ahonen-Jover, Ph.D., Cofounder, www.eQualityGiving.org, has just released an updated edition of his wonderful The Gay Agenda with new specific actions to take, including what we should get the president to do, and which states to target and what results to ask for in each state. This book is a very comprehensive guidebook to reach LGBT equality under the law.

Men's Inner Journey - gatekeeper retreat

Kirk Prine YouTube video about Queers as "Bridgebuilders"
There's an accompanying article in the Gay Mystics yahoo group: click here
(Note: you may have to join the Yahoo group to read the article)

A wonderful article about Evolutionary Spirituality according to John Haught, a Georgetown Univ professor of Catholic Theology in a Teilhardian vein. (Not gay, but very sensible.)

And a neat video of the teacher of Evolutionary Enlightenment, Andrew Cohen, summarizing this basic concept. Cohen doesn't mention gay people at all, but you can interpolate into what he says the tremendous effect gay consciousness has had in human evolution AND the role we play in his second level of evolution—the development of mind, art and culture.
What is the Evolutionary Impulse?

OutHistory, a website devoted to the exploration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender past.


Ra Sema Ba Ifagbemi (Khaemille) is American Gay High Priest initiated as a Babalawo (diviner) of the Yoruba Ifa religion as well as the founder of the House of Amun, a spiritual training system based upon the teachings of Ancient Egypt designed for Gay healers and metaphysicians. There are links to more videos below.

This link is to a YouTube video about
Gay Black shamanism and Ra Sema Ba's Path of the Golden Beetle.

Easton Mountain Retreat Center for Gay Spirituality
is now the home of the Body Electric School.
Check out Celebrating The Body Erotic
If you don't know about the Body Electric program, PLEASE take a look.
The videos on the site are healing just to watch. So wonderfully sex-positive!
Body Electric events schedule

Wonderful interview with Andrew Harvey on Spiritual Activism as a logical evolution
of gay consciousness on myOUTspirit.com. Read Toby's appreciation; link to interview

Toby Johnson had an article in the L.A. Weekly as part of a series for Gay Pride 2012,
titled "What does it Mean to be Gay?"
All the articles in the series are interesting and enlightening.
click here to read Toby's article and find links to the others.

VERY INTERESTING article in the L.A. Weekly by Patrick Range McDonald:
Gay Happiness, the New Frontier: Are mental and physical health problems really a reaction to bigotry?

Toby Johnson participated in a panel on
Radical Spirituality at the Harry Hay Centennial Conference for CLAGS in late September 2012
- - here's Johnson's talk titled:
"The New Myth--Spiritual not Religious--through the Gay WIndow"

A wonderful YouTube video: On the 8th day, God made a gay man.

Go To More links
(to interesting websites Toby's discovered)

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Toby Johnson & Kip Dollar

Kip & Toby at the Lammies 2007

Kip Dollar & Toby Johnson attended the Gala Lambda Literary Awards Presentation in NYC, May 31, 2007. Toby's anthology CHARMED LIVES, co-edited by Steve Berman, was nominated for Best Anthology. The award went to the very deserving Love, Bourbon Street, edited by Herren & Willis.

  Toby Johnson, PhD is author of some ten books: three non-fiction books that apply the wisdom of Joseph Campbell, his teacher and "wise old man," to modern-day social and religious problems, four gay genre novels that dramatize spiritual issues at the heart of gay identity, two books on gay men's spiritualities, gay spirit, and the mystical experience of homosexuality, and an anthology which he edited with Steve Berman of gay-positive short stories.

Toby JohnsonIn addition to the novels featured elsewhere in this web site,Johnson is author of IN SEARCH OF GOD IN THE SEXUAL UNDERWORLD and THE MYTH OF THE GREAT SECRET (Revised edition): AN APPRECIATION OF JOSEPH CAMPBELL. For a more extended bio, click here. (More photos at bottom of page.)

Toby Johnson and Kip Dollar have been partners since 1984. They have been advocates for and examples of successful longterm gay relationships. Toby and Kip were the first male couple registered as Domestic Partners in Texas (Austin, Travis County, Oct 11, '93). There's a write-up about them as a couple on the very extensive website on gay couples & relationships, Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples.

(Click here for a high resolution .tif photo of Toby Johnson in B&W  Or in color  and For hi-res color photo of Toby Johnson & Kip Dollar by Tim Leary)
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Toby Johnson spoke with Harry Faddis for the upstate NY radio show & podcast The Quest of Life.  Click here for the conversation, titled "Why Gay Spirituality?"

Scroll down for more

Kip Dollar                                   back to top

Kip and Toby have been partners since 1984. They were the first male couple to register as Domestic Partners in Texas. An account of their first 14 years together appears in Merle Yost's book on long-term gay relationships: WHEN LOVE LASTS FOREVER.
Kip DollarKip Dollar is a professional bookkeeper and community activist. It was he who managed the financial matters of Liberty Books. He worked with numerous gay community groups and organizations in San Antonio and Austin. He is a talented natural artist, working on paper in striking redheadwatercolors, pastels, and charcoal (click on the link to see his portfolio) and in sculpture with clay. He is presently studying pastels with protrait artist Susan Carlin and with renowned watercolorist Brad Braune. Kip is also a creator of marvelous Halloween costumes. Kip's a striking redhead.

For seven years, Toby Johnson and Kip Dollar ran Liberty Books, the lesbian and gay community bookstore in Austin. Toby and Kip sold the store to Crossroads Market in 1994. In Spring 1997, they moved to Conifer, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Denver where they ran a gay B&B called The House at Peregrine's Perspective. (While in Denver, they purchased a wonderful mantle clock, a statue by French sculptor Mathurin Moreau, titled Bucheron, i.e., the woodcutter. Bucheron was a sort of mascot for the B&B.)

In 2000, they moved back to Texas to operate a B&B called Casa Peregrino in the little artist colony/river resort town of Wimberley mid-way between San Antonio and Austin in the Texas Hill Country. And in 2003, they sold Casa Peregrino and moved back to their hometown to watch over Kip's parents, and to plan their next life adventure together.

Kip Dollar and Toby JohnsonIn 1996 Toby joined an EarthWatch expedition to videotape the spring equinox festivals in the rural village of Tigiria in eastern India. Toby returned with several "longees," the toby as gandhisarong-like garment the men in the area wear. Here are Kip and Toby in the backyard in Austin, wearing the Indian longees. Toby looks like actor Ben Kingsley -- and so by extension, Mahatma Gandhi.



toby & kip by Tim Leary        toby & kip by susan carlin
                                                        Portrait Sketch by Susan Carlin

More photos:

  Gay Spirit Visions Conferences


More Photos
Last update 2/16/2015
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More Links         
white crane journal

Here's another link to White Crane Journal

white crane institute

White Crane Gay Spirituality Series: classics in the Gay Genre now available from Lethe Press through state-of-the-art printing technology, in cooperation with White Crane Institute

(click here, a new window will open)

Here's a link to an interesting book of meditations called MESSIAH SEED
by gay spiritual writer Story Waters. Check this out: Limitlessness.com

Here's a link to Ashe an interesting webzine
of experimental (and gay) spirituality

Bruce Grether has a wonderful website on
Erotic Spirituality for Men called www.mm4m.org

Christian de la Huerta of San Francisco's Q-Spirit, author of the groundbreaking book Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step has a very extensive website at Soulful Power

An interesting new book: A SPECIAL ILLUMINATION: Authority, Inspiration and Heresy in Gay Spirituality by Rollan McCleary  For more info, check out www.rollanmccleary.com

Ko Imani's Shirt of Flame: The Secret Gay Art of War  a wonderful book about the gay political movement as spiritual work
Canadian lesbian Caffyn Kelley has created a beautiful website (including complete text of her book) "Mapping Queer Meaning"

Out & About with Brewer & Berg is a philosophical travelogue of Europe with two zany guys in an amazing filmed documentary of their vision quest

Jesus in Love is a wonderful book, a Life of Christ, told in the first person of Jesus, but presented as a "modern person," psychologically and sexually aware.

An example of Modern mythopoesis: The Drums of Legenderry, a collection of fantasy short stories  by writer/poet/drummer--and Foothills Family member--John Orlando.

"The Ways of the Spirit: A Course in Spirituality for LGBT People"  A rado broadcast and podcast from WRPI radio created by Harry Faddis and Patrick Cheng

Mark Thompson, author of Gay Spirit: Myth and Meaning, the book that arguably started the gay spirituality movement, has a website showing his photos of gay spiritual leaders from the exhibit Fellow Travelers, with links to Thompson's books

A German gay leatherman living in London
has a site about Leather Sexuality from a spiritual perspective at meFFisto

Christ, the Gay Martyr is a blog by an African American gay man in Kansas City who goes by Stuffed Animal. There are postings about Christianity and homosexuality. Very positive and uplifting.

Ra Sema Ba (Khaemille) is
an American Gay High Priest initiated as a Babalawo (diviner) of the Yoruba Ifa religion as well as the founder of the House of Amun, a spiritual training system based upon the teachings of Ancient Egypt designed for Gay healers and metaphysicians. Here are links YouTube videos about the Path of the Golden Beetle.
On Black Gay Shamanism--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDD8XcC8_JI
On homophobia as a hetero psychosis-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loBsJhtfYlg&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
On Drag Queens as Androgynous Gods on Earth-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQSbOMoBg9I&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
On the sound to stop bullying-- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhigs5zwWMc&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

The Human Rights Campaign has a page called Out In Scripture, a free weekly online resource for clergy and lay people of faith.   The website will provide distinct insights into the Bible, week after week, from a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight-supportive perspective.

DREAMWalker Group
profiles gay writers. Interesting and informative site.

Contemplations of the Heart: A Book of Male Spirit by Peter Grahame is a wonderful collection of male photography and uplifting text. A delight!

Sexual Fables by Martin Blythe is a wonderful site with revised versions of the great stories of Western Civilization, told with the sex angle written in and instead of written out. Especially, look for the gay angle in the stories
Age of Consent, Women in Trousers and Vampires in Venice.

The first "Bible" was originated written by Marcion of Synope; The Savior's name was Isu Chrestos. A similar Savior with a similar message was Apollonius of Tyana. Students of the origins of Christianity will be interested in reading about the precursors to the Gospels. Check out Chrestos.com

Easton Mountain Retreat Center is a gathering place in the mountains outside Albany NY, an intentional community, which might be characterized as a gay spiritual "freelance monastery," hosts a variety of events and conferences.

Partners Task Force of Gay & Lesbian Couples is a very impressive and extensive resource with multiple links and many articles relevant to gay couples.

buddybuddy.com is the site of Demian, a Seattlite who runs an interesting suite of websites (including the aforementioned Partners Task Force). He also has an international listing of gay theaters, a link to his digital film and photography operation and the Sweet Corn Shop which sells products that affirm self-esteem and social equality.

The-society-directory.com - A Classified Directory of Society Web Links

Sell Books and Textbooks Online  BlueRectangle is all about books. We not only buy back used books and textbooks; but also offer Video book reviews. Concise and fascinating insights into a wide variety of books.

Clouds of Magellan is an independent publishing imprint, based in Melbourne, Australia.
Clouds specialises in non-fiction in the area of spirituality, broadly defined, and publishes some fiction and poetry. They publish Michael Kelly, former Dignity leader in Australia (Rainbow Sash Movement) and part-time resident at Easton Mountain Gay Retreat in upstate New York.

Gay writer Scott Bidstrup has a wonderful essay dealing with all the specific issues. I recommend it highly. Gay Marriage: The Arguments and the Motives

Donald Engstrom-Reese has a wonderful site and blog offering a gay conscious nature religion and spiritual view of life. Walking in Beauty

Bruce Grether has a new project Male Mystery School -- wonderful ideas and training in the spiritual dimensions of sexuality and masturbation.

Rick Freeman is Founder the Spiritual Director of Dolphin Pond. He has a lovely site with wonderful shamanic wisdom.

Tom Berg: How One Pubic School Teacher Awakened His Students to The Cosmic Super Self Within

OutImpact.com -- A new gay Internet magazine-- "Making a positive impact in the gay community. Make yours." --referred to me by the same people who created GayEvolution.com.

Mountaine Mort Jonas is a highly experienced trainer, conductor, actor, and musician in the rich honoring of true personal stories that is called Playback Theatre. He is also a long-time facilitator of Breathwork Medicine, a form of intensive breathing (similar to "rebirthing") which is a potent technique to advance self-knowledge, personal growth, transformation, and healing.

Eva Thayer is a wonderful "wise old woman" in San Antonio. She writes: "The purpose of life is to enjoy it. To do that it is necessary to love ourselves. My perception is that human me cannot love Me the way Creator Me can. Connecting ourselves to our Creator is a sure way to love ourselves. There's info about her on this site. And Check out her website MeLand

Would Jesus Discriminate?
Gay rights from a Bibilical Christian perspective. What were "eunuchs" in Bibilical times?

www.glbtbookshelf.com is the newest site to highlight gay books. A great resource.

San Francisco photographer and de facto documentator of the City's gay movement has an exhibit in New York City Sept 15-Oct 17, 2009 at the Leslie Lohman Galley, 26 Wooster St in Soho. Read about Rink

Lorin Roche, Ph.D., a zesty life-affirming approach to meditation. Very interesting site, with a good discussion of gay spirituaity by a meditation teacher in Los Angeles

A wonderful essay on experiencing spiritual bliss within sexual lovemaking by Eric L. Hays-Strom posted on Kitt Cherry's Jesus in Love blog

Michael, the "Kahunka," gives good advice for mind & body. There are several videos of him giving cooking instructions shirtless. Michael's article on "The Law of Attraction" is one of the best statements of this idea I have ever read--the good sense, logical explanation without the "magical thinking."

Fr. William Hart McNichols is a former Jesuit priest and icon painter, a student of Robert Lentz. His icons, modernized, but in Russian tradition, are wonderful expressions of sainthood for today.

The Flesh & Spirit Community is "an intentional community of queer men, based in San Francisco, who bring enlightenment, love, liberation, healing, knowledge, power, and wholeness around issues of queer men's identity, spirituality, and sexuality.

Wonderful essay Is Jesus Gay? by Dirk Vanden offers some eye-opening retellings of the stories of Jesus that will shed some light on his title query.

Marie Friend has published a novel titled Star. It's described as "a brilliant tour de force through love bonds that were forged during the time of Akhenaton, strengthened during the reign of Henry XIII, and then climaxed in New York during the September 11 fall of the World Trade Center. The connections between various time periods are compelling and brilliantly wrought, yet what stands out in this wonderful novel is love. Friend’s subtle portrayals of love relationships from both the male and female perspective are deep and thought provoking." Toby Johnson knew Marie Friend through gay spiritual activist Ralph Walker.

 A comprehensive consumer guide to "LGBT mortgages" explains the different approaches that same-sex couples can take in jointly owning property, getting a mortgage and other legal issues that lgbt couples may face.

The Land of Four Quarters is a beautiful tract of land in the Allegheny foothills of south central Pennsylvania that has been set aside to promote the twin missions of Earth Based Spirituality and Earth Balanced Living. Not specifically gay, but VERY welcoming.

TheGayPrayer.com -- I am thankful that I am gay. I am proud to be the person I am.  I will try to be the best person I can be. I promise to be good to those who are less fortunate than me. I understand that I represent a greater truth, and that by being strong and that by being the person I am, the world is a better place.

Resources for Gay Christians. This is on a dating website. Independent of the site, the links are good and there are more interesting articles about gay issues and about other religions. (This site was recommended by the mother of a gay son who found it helped her understand how to think about gayness in a religious context.)

Martin Brant is author of some seven gay novels with enlightened sensibility. His blog, Enlightened Male 2000, contains interesting "counseling tips" and a plethora of beautiful and sexy images.

New Wings: Supported by prominent theologians and sacred activists,
New Wings is an inclusive organization committed to healing the collective pain body of the LGBT community, facilitating self exploration, inquiry, networks of support and expanded education, and providing a safe environment to realign all affected with their divine nature.

Personal Finance Guide for LGBT. A very important and useful guide to living in the economic reality of modern life as sexual minorities with certain, sometimes out of the ordinary, needs and concerns. Info on same sex marrying, getting a mortgage, living with HIV, finding scholarships, etc.

A WONDERFUL book about the true meaning of religion and spirituality from the joint perspectives of a gay man and a transwoman, with an only partly tongue-in-cheek title: Can Christians Be Saved?

The Study of Myth, a new website sponsored by the Joseph Campbell Foundation & the Pacifica Archives, keeping Joseph Campbell's message vital.

a space managed by David Townsend for the spirituality of gay and bisexual men. We have within ourselves the resources for our healing, liberation, and growth. Connecting with each other, we encounter the grace to lay hold of a richer, juicier life. Losing ourselves in deep play, we rediscover the bigger, freer, more joyous selves we're capable of becoming. (Related to Eaton Mountain Retreat Center).

Gay Dating Sites provides information on how to safely use online gay dating sites in a manner that minimizes the risk to the individual of assault or violence. Gay men face some unique risks when it comes to online dating, and many of the incidents which are occurring go largely unreported in the media. Consequently it is the goal of Gay Dating Sites, to inform the GLBT community of those risks and how to minimize them.

Gay Tantra. Brother William Schindler, a prolific and insightful gay spiritual writer, has created Ashram West as a spiritual community for gay men in the Tantric Hindu tradition.

The Narrow Way by Chris Lemig—a book and a webblog—subtitled A Memoir of Coming Out Getting Clean and Finding Buddha. Beautifully written meditations/essays/blogs on a gay man's path to enlightenment.

Payam Ghassemlou MFT, Ph.D. is a gay Iranian who writes on spirituality, counseling, LGBT issues, and more. He has a psychotherapy practice in West Hollywood. His website contains interesting articles on gay psychodynamics.

Shokti, a blog by Shokti Lovestar, a British Faerie, described as "Tales of Queer Mystical emergence."

Queering the Church: towards a reality based theology. There is a homoerotic strand deeply embedded in the history of Christian spirituality and mysticism. A number of modern writers are also exploring queer spirituality, both within and outside the Christian tradition.  Finally, spiritual experience is intensely personal, and so accounts of personal experience are important.

The Erotic Body of Christ, a website by Hunter Flournoy. In the Way of Christ, our passionate, desiring, sexual Love expressed through selfless giving and unconditional receiving, is the only thing that can reunite us with God.

Ra Golden Beetle Brotherhood of Gay Egyptian Shamanism. "Kamitic Gay Men's Spirituality to Heal Yourself, our Community, and the Planet." YouTube Videos, articles, ebooks from Yoruba priest Ra Sema Ra. For YouTube links for Ra Sema Ba, click here.

Having just launched last December on World Aids Day, Conscious Contraceptives is a super discrete online store for contraceptives and related products. ConCon.org donates proceeds to communities around the world, helping fund educational resources and provide contraceptives - as recently mentioned on MTV's Act Blog and Mashable.com.

CompassionSensuality.Net is the wonderfully sex-positive, post-dualistic, devoutly Buddhist and loving site of Philip Steven Knight with beautiful images, lovely music and powerful meditations. Very good advice about healing from sexual wounding and turning sexuality to loving prayer.

Going Deeper…Connecting with Others and Ourselves, facilitated by Gregg Cassin

Wonderful article by Dr. Michael Picucci about Sexual Energy as healing and beneficial: Source Energy Optimizes Life. Picucci's site, Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, LGBT, Grief in New York is at focalizing.com

Tzedaqyal's Blog contains essays on religion, spirituality, mysticism and history by a Swedish gay man; it's subtitled "Spirituality, Divinity & Humanity."

Yeshua21.com offers a modern, mystical interpretation of Christianity showing the real message is not to believe in doctrines, but to find, and live out, the Christ-within-you. Free download available of Getting to Know Jesus in the 21st Century.

"The Man’s Coach," Michael Parise specializes is working with men in relationship transition: personal, professional, vocational and spiritual relationships. As an artist, he assists other artists in “extracting the abstract” in their creative enterprise and helping them to promote themselves as professionals.

Rev Bill Freeman performs GLBT-affirming and Progressive Weddings in the Washington DC area.
here's link to a facebook page

Interesting article about prayers for GLBTQ people -- with examples of familiar prayers, like the Our Father, rewritten slightly to make them more inclusive of gay people's concerns -- by Paul Jesup

Ken Stofft, M.A., C.S.W. offers Integrative, body-centered coaching for men in change in the Oakland area. His site, Transition Power, begins "A transition is often a time of confusion, isolation, loneliness, disorientation – resulting in your feeling unsafe and out-of-balance" A good time to make a change.

Gay spiritual writer Joe Perez (Soulfully Gay) is now working with the Center for World Spirituality. The site has many interesting postings in addition to Perez's. It's especially good to see an openly gay man blogging about the evolution of spirit.

Joe Perez's Gay and Bi Men's Spirituality blog. Perez is particularly interesting in the philosophical framework--called Integralism--developed by Ken Wilber.

The Total Guide: Home Buying for Same Sex Couples. Purchasing a home is a major undertaking for any couple, but same-sex couples must be especially diligent to make sure their investment and their interests are protected.

Raph Solo, a British/Lebanese rock singer tells the story of his search for love and for God. Available in digital formats from lulu.com

Interesting book by Joseph Dispenza, a former Catholic priest about the spirituality of gay love and about relationships between older and younhttp://www.lulu.com/shop/michael-lloyd/bull-of-heaven-the-mythic-life-of-eddie-buczynski-and-the-rise-of-the-new-york-pagan/paperback/product-20287061.htmlger men. Older Man/Younger Man: A Love Story
Joseph Dispenza has also helped with a book called The Chemotherapy Diet with Dr. Mike Herbert. Click here for a video

Of special interest to gay pagans: Bull of Heaven: The Mythic Life of Eddie Buczynski and the Rise of the New York Pagan by Michael Lloyd. Read Review        Order from Lulu.com

A website for people interested in Josesph Campbell's ideas: The Study of Myth

With Same-sex Marriage at the Supreme Court in ther news, here's a link to a menu of "Top 100 Marriage Equality Blogs" from Gay Dating Sites.

Myron McClellan and Lawrence Phillips hold a monthly gathering of spiritual renewal in the company of the like-minded in Denver, CO. Mystical Musings is a celebration of the sacred that promotes growth and an evolution of consciousness. Read about Myron McClellan & Lawrence Phillips--spiritual guides and bodyworkers--at onebodyspirit.net.

Will Roscoe is among the most important & innovative thinkers in the Gay rights Movement & Gay Spirituality specifically. Here's his website: Will's World

Jordan Bach is a young man using YouTube, tumblr, facebook, etc to promote a positive--and spiritual--vision of gay identity. Lots of good material on his sites. Here's link to the YouTube page.

Terra Mysterium is a Chicago-based collective of musicians, actors, dancers, poets, magicians, and fire performers; creating, producing, and performing experiential works of music, theatre, and performance art that are rooted in the Earth mysteries.

The Pagan Blog Project features many wonderful articles and announcements of interest by Donald Engstrom-Reese.

In a new project called The Way of Falám, Joe Perez is now writing under the spiritual name Kalen O'Tolán. He's got a new website by that name. The site features philosophical and wonderfully mystical writing. Joe Perez also publishes at We Spirituality.

"Gay men have important work to do for humanity," begins the description of Gay Men of Wisdom. Lifecoach Raymond L. Rigoglioso runs a monthly telephone discussion group, occasional weekend Intensives (at Easton Mountain) and a website about understanding gayness as a spiritual and life-positive, contributing vocation.

Learn about Hunter Flournoy. Hunter teaches how to "Touch the Divine in Our Bodies and Our Lives."
Hunter has developed wonderful body positive perspectives on the spiritual life. Hunter offers events through Gay Spirit Journeys.

Sacred Two Spirits – People of the Stars: a blog by Mark Harris/Brother Lomi, a Taoist monk. Beautiful essays on why Gay Love is important to the world.

Men of Spirit is a website devoted to raising awareness of men’s gatherings in all parts of the country with a special nod to Asheville, NC. These gatherings focus on advancing personal growth, spirituality, sacred sexuality, the connection with Self, nature and other like-minded men.

Lingam Puja in New York City, hosted by David Townsend. Walking meditation in Riverside Park about 50 yards north on the nature trail that begins near the stairs into the park from Riverside Drive and 116th St. For info about times & dates.

Toby gave the keynote address at Between the Worlds Gathering. This gay neo-pagan gathering in southeastern Ohio (of all places) is a marvelous event.

Gays: Guardians of the Gates, an interview with Malidoma Somé by Bert H. Hoff, Sept 1993 issue of M.E.N. Magazine

The General Adult Merchandise website, Adam & Eve, offers a summary of Gay Rights history in the U.S. posted by Nicky Pagett titled LGBT Civil Liberties in America: A Fight for Freedom to Be Human

The Gay Elder Circle is a group of gay men (more or less 55 or older), in Los Angeles, who have assembled to support and encourage each other in becoming conscious gay elders.  We come from a wide-range of backgrounds and are united in our primary purpose of being useful to younger gay men and of deep service to the gay and larger community.

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A very queer religion

Queering religion cannot mean getting queers to be religious, i.e., getting us to go back to church/synagogue/temple/mosque/etc., to believe in the popular myths and to accept the authority of religious officials.

Queering religion has to mean recognizing the multiplicity of voices and perspectives around the world, rising above one's religion of origin to look at it as but one tradition among many.

For so many of us that tradition has been Christianity, and in that regard, such a higher, outsider, perspective--what is loosely called "spirituality"--allows for a simple response to the history of Church and bible-based oppression: It's all myth anyway, take what's meaningful to you and leave the rest behind.

That's queering religion: to understand it, not to "believe" in it. That frees you from religion while showing you what it was really about in the first place, and so "enlightening" you to the nature of consciousness and the nature of "God," as a clue to who you really are as a conscious entity asking questions about the nature of your existence.

The point of the mythological traditions is to raise people's vision above just everyday and selfish concerns and to inspire compassion. The proper goal of religion isn't to be right, but to be loving and kind. If the bible says homosexuals should be stoned, it's evidence the bible's outdated and inadequate for addressing issues of contemporary life.

You don't need to explain the "texts of terror," those verses in the Bible that get quoted out of context to justify condemnation of homosexuality as inevitable because it is "God's will." You can just tear those pages out of the book.

Actually you might find it would be simpler to just save the one page with Jesus's Golden Rule on it and throw away all the rest. That's probably what Jesus himself would have done.

The message to be learned from observing the anti-gay attitudes and behavior of the Christian churches is that it's time to move on. Let's throw the baby out with the bathwater because the reason the water is fouled is that the baby has died and the body's putrefying and deserves a respectful burial.

It's not enough to queer Christianity by seeking the original meanings or discovering that Jesus would have been pro-gay if he'd had the words to speak about such issues--though, of course, that IS true. Christianity is but one voice in the conversation about spiritual meaning--and it's got a very old-timey accent.

You've got to queer religion itself. All of us, gay and straight, need a new spiritual paradigm that makes sense in the modern world and speaks with a modern, enlightened voice.

This, I think, is what "gay spirituality" is about AND what the human race is evolving toward.

The "new myth" is the story of what religion and myth have been in the history of the evolution of consciousness. We can understand these things to have been metaphors about consciousness.

This realization is: 1) a higher order myth, 2) a real queering--in the sense of despoiling--of religion and traditional notions of religious authority, and 3) ironically, the salvation of religion as a high culture art form.

If religion and myth are in competition with science to describe the external material world, religion will necessarily lose. If the new understanding of religion and myth is the scientific tool to describe the structures of deep consciousness in the interior, "spiritual" world, then religion and science work side by side to further evolution and expansion of consciousness.

For all of this is fundamentally about the Universe waking up to itself.

In a very parallel and deeply meaningful way, I think, being queer is about waking up to yourself. Nobody identifies as gay or queer without having waked up in some way, that is, having understood the clues their lives are giving them about their own interior experience of consciousness.

Being queer, being gay gives us the proverbial leg up for understanding and moving into the new myth that is the cutting edge of evolving consciousness.

It's being One with the evolving universe; being One with the Big Bang; being One with "God."

The way to queer religion is to be God.

Read Toby Johnson's article on the Bifurcation of Gay Spirituality, i.e., the two separate thrusts of gay people's innate religiousness: 1) reforming the traditional churches to accept gay/queer members AND 2) creating a whole new vision of spiritual meaning.

 Toby Johnson, PhD is author of ten books: three non-fiction books that apply the wisdom of his teacher and "wise old man," Joseph Campbell to modern-day social and religious problems, four gay genre novels that dramatize spiritual issues at the heart of gay identity, and three books on gay men's spiritualities and the mystical experience of homosexuality. In addition to the novels featured elsewhere in this web site, Johnson is author of IN SEARCH OF GOD IN THE SEXUAL UNDERWORLD and THE MYTH OF THE GREAT SECRET (Revised edition): AN APPRECIATION OF JOSEPH CAMPBELL.

Johnson's Lammy Award winning book GAY SPIRITUALITY: The Role of Gay Identity in the Transformation of Human Consciousness.

His Lammy-nominated book  GAY PERSPECTIVE: Things Our Homosexuality Tells Us about the Nature of God and the Universe. 

Both books are available from Lethe Press in new and slightly revised editions.

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