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gay perspective coverGay Perspective: Things Our Homosexuality Tells Us About the Nature of God and the Universe: Revised and updated edition

By Toby Johnson (click on name to go to author's page)

with a beautiful new cover by Peter Grahame.

Grahame's book of digital photography and montage, Contemplations of the Heart: A Book of Male Spirit, Photography, Digital Imaging and Text, can be viewed at Peter and his life partner, Henry Seale, own and operate Ironic Horse Studio in Albuquerque, NM.

Lethe Press A White Crane Book, October 2008, 262 pages, Softcover, $20.00, 1-59021-015-8 / 978-1-59021-015-4

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Our position as exiles and outcasts from conventional religion offers us the possibility for understanding what religion really is from an outsider's perspective, for seeing the truths hidden within the myths and for seeing the lies religion confuses and manipulates people with. Our queer sexuality can be a clue to profound mystical and spiritual truth and the basis of a truly virtuous and contributing life.
Gay consciousness as a pre-Edenic state of non-dual, non-polarized innocence . . . Homosexuality as a manifestation of the universe's yearning for harmony and self-awareness . . . Sexuality as a clue to the nature of spirit . . . Being gay as participating in the evolution of planetary consciousness . . . The Mystical Experience of Homosexuality . . . And all presented so gently, lovingly--thrillingly!
The message is irresistible.

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In this companion volume to his critically acclaimed, Lambda Literary Award-winning Gay Spirituality, Toby Johnson further explicates his visionary stance that gay people's nature as outsiders gives them a uniquely powerful perspective on the nature of God and religion.

In what way does this "outsider's perspective" differ from the traditional outlook on spirituality? It provides a distance from establishment viewpoints, allowing for a deeper critical analysis of commonly accepted beliefs.

By living outside what are considered gender norms, gay people are more open to seeing across boundaries of gender and gain access to a less dualistic outlook on the nature of life. Because of this, gay people are far more attuned to the needs of a rapidly evolving society in which quickness and nimble thinking are in demand, gender equality is rapidly becoming an expected norm, and traditional religions are beset with internal conflicts, exposing inherent contradictions between organized religion and the true nature of God.

Once again Johnson approaches this potentially controversial subject matter with erudition, empathy, and visionary speculation and gives meaning to gay consciousness beyond superficial issues of sexual behavior.

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There's a nice acknowledgement of GAY PERSPECTIVE and John J. McNeill's newest book SEX AS GOD INTENDED (which I had the honor or editing and producing) in the HRC Religion & Faith Project newsletter for November 2008

About the author
Toby Johnson is author of Gay Spirituality, Myth of the Great Secret: An Appreciation of Joseph Campbell, In Search of God in the Sexual Underworld, Secret Matter, Getting Life in Perspective, Two Spirits (with Walter Williams), Charmed Lives (with Steve Berman) and Plague. He and his partner, Kip Dollar, together since 1984, are advocates of long-term gay relationships. Johnson is former editor of White Crane, a quarterly journal of gay men's spirituality.

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Gay Perspective: Things Our Homosexuality Tells Us About the Nature of God and the Universe 1590210158pad$20.00pad

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"There's a fecundity to Toby Johnson's writing, and GAY PERSPECTIVE is no exception. This book takes readers on a mythic journey up the Great Nest of Being, from body to mind to soul to Spirit, infusing every level with rich and fearless observations of what our homosexuality can teach us about each one. Toby's explanation of the mysterious and obvious gifts our sexual orientation can offer will be a vital port of entry into creative spirituality for many men-who-love-men. An important book of good vibrations."

-- Ko Imani, Shirt Of Flame: The Secret Gay Art Of War

"Toby Johnson reveals how gay male sensibility contributes to the leading edge of culture and consciousness, and can even revolutionize religion in ways that benefit everyone. You may never view your role in the scheme of things in quite the same way."

-- Bruce P. Grether, Mindful Maturbation: Transforming Male Self-Pleasuring into a Spiritual Practice

"Toby Johnson's work pushes boundaries and is imbued with a reverent irreverence, both humor and thoughtfulness. He is a spiritual revolutionary and iconoclast."

-- Christian de la Huerta, Coming Out Spiritually

"Johnson walks the path of our gay ancestors taking a view of the forest and walking between the many trees of truth that inform the lives we call 'human.' He describes the central place place gay people have always taken in culture and, at the same time, limns the liminal, peripheral place to which gay consciousness can give access. A wonderful and challenging journey through these paradoxes."

-- Bo Young, White Crane: A Journal of Gay Men's Spirituality

"An illuminating, honest, provocative, and significant exploration of gay spirituality. This is must reading for all seeking the spiritual element in the gay experience."

--Malcolm Boyd, Take Off the Masks, Gay Priest, and Look Back in Joy

& Mark Thompson, Gay Spirit, Gay Soul, and Gay Body

"Thanks to Toby Johnson for demonstrating that only a cultural outsider has the radical freedom to see the universe with a truly fresh perspective. Johnson has used his queer point of view to examine religion, sex and culture both honestly and thoroughly to produce some astonishingly useful insights."

-- Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality

Published reviews of Gay Perspective

Donald Boisvert, author of Out on Holy Ground and Sanctity and Male Desire, wrote a wonderful review of Toby Johnson's Gay Perspective and Theodore Jennings The Man Jesus Loved which appeared in slight different form in The Gay and Lesbian Review worldwide

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