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Toby Johnson's books:

GAY SPIRITUALITY: The Role of Gay Identity in the Transformation of Human Consciousness

GAY PERSPECTIVE: Things Our Homosexuality Tells Us about the Nature of God and the Universe

SECRET MATTER: updated, revised & expanded edition from Lethe Press with Afterword by Mark Jordan

GETTING LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE: A romance novel set in the 1980s and the 1890s.

THE FOURTH QUILL, a novel about attitudinal healing and the problem of evil

TWO SPIRITS: A Story of Life with the Navajo, a collaboration with Walter L. Williams

CHARMED LIVES: Spinning Straw into Gold: Reclaiming Our Queer Spirituality Through Story


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Books on Gay Spirituality:

White Crane Gay Spirituality Series

  Articles and Excerpts:

Read Toby's review of Samuel Avery's The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness

Funny Coincidence: "Aliens Settle in San Francisco"

The Simple Answer to the Gay Marriage Debate

Why gay people should NOT Marry

Wedding Cake Liberation

Gay Marriage in Texas

What's ironic

Shame on the American People

The "highest form of love"

Second March on Washington

A Bifurcation of Gay Spirituality

 The cause of homosexuality

The origins of homophobia

Q&A about Jungian ideas in gay consciousness

What is homosexuality?

What is Gay Spirituality?

My three messages

What Jesus said about Gay Rights

Queering religion

Common Experiences Unique to Gay Men

The purpose of homosexuality

Interview on the Nature of Homosexuality

What the Bible Says about Homosexuality

Mesosexual Ideal for Straight Men

Varieties of Gay Spirituality

Waves of Gay Liberation Activity

Why Gay Spirituality: Spirituality as Artistic Medium

Easton Mountain Retreat Center

Andrew Harvey & Spiritual Activism

The Gay Spirituality Summit in May 2004 and the  "Statement of Spirituality"

"It's Always About You"

The myth of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara

Joseph Campbell's description of Avalokiteshvara

Avalokiteshvara at the Baths.

You're Not A Wave

What is Enlightenment?

What is reincarnation?

How many lifetimes in an ego?

Emptiness & Religious Ideas

Experiencing experiencing experiencing

Going into the Light

Meditations for a Funeral

Meditation Practice

The way to get to heaven

Advice to Travelers to India & Nepal

The Danda Nata & goddess Kalika

Nate Berkus is a bodhisattva

John Boswell was Immanuel Kant

The Two Loves

Curious Bodies

What Toby Johnson Believes

The Joseph Campbell Connection

Campbell & The Pre/Trans Fallacy

The Nature of Religion

What's true about Religion

Being Gay is a Blessing

Drawing Long Straws

Freedom of Religion

The Gay Agenda

Gay Saintliness

Gay Spiritual Functions

The subtle workings of the spirit in gay men's lives.

The Sinfulness of Homosexuality

Proposal for a study of gay nondualism

Priestly Sexuality

 "The Evolution of Gay Identity"

"St. John of the Cross &
the Dark Night of the Soul."

 Eckhart's Eye

Let Me Tell You a Secret

Religious Articulations of the Secret

The Collective Unconscious

Driving as Spiritual Practice


Historicity as Myth


No Stealing

Next Step in Evolution

The New Myth

The Moulting of the Holy Ghost

Gaia is a Bodhisattva

The Hero's Journey as archetype

Marian Doctrines: Immaculate Conception & Assumption

Teenage Prostitution and the Nature of Evil

Allah Hu: "God is present here"
Adam and Steve

The Life is in the Blood

Gay retirement and the "freelance monastery"

Seeing with Different Eyes

The mystical experience at the Servites'  Castle in Riverside

The Great Dance according to C.S.Lewis

The Techniques Of The World Saviors

Part 1: Brer Rabbit and the Tar-Baby
Part 2:
The Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara
Part 3:
Jesus and the Resurrection
Part 4:
A Course in Miracles

The Secret of the Clear Light

Understanding the Clear Light

Mobius Strip

Finding Your Tiger Face

How Gay Souls Get Reincarnated

In honor of Sir Arthur C Clarke

Karellen was a homosexual

About Alien Abduction

What are you looking for in a gay science fiction novel?

The D.A.F.O.D.I.L. Alliance

More about Gay Mental Health

Psych Tech Training

The Rainbow Flag

Ideas for gay mythic stories

Kip and Toby, Activists

Toby's friend and nicknamesake Toby Marotta.

Harry Hay, Founder of the gay movement

About Hay and The New Myth

About Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, the first man to really "come out"

About Michael Talbot, gay mystic

About Fr. Bernard Lynch

About Richard Baltzell

About Guy Mannheimer

About David Weyrauch

About Dennis Paddie

About Ask the Fire

About Arthur Evans

About Christopher Larkin

About Sterling Houston

About Michael Stevens

Our friend Tom Nash

Book Reviews

Be Done on Earth by Howard E. Cook

Pay Me What I'm Worth by Souldancer

The Way Out by Christopher L  Nutter
The Gay Disciple by John Henson

Art That Dares by Kittredge Cherry

Coming Out, Coming Home by Kennth A. Burr

Extinguishing the Light by B. Alan Bourgeois

Over Coffee: A conversation For Gay Partnership & Conservative Faith by D.a. Thompson

Dark Knowledge by Kenneth Low

Janet Planet by Eleanor Lerman

The Kairos by Paul E. Hartman

Wrestling with Jesus by D.K.Maylor

Kali Rising by Rudolph Ballentine

The Missing Myth by Gilles Herrada

The Secret of the Second Coming by Howard E. Cook

The Scar Letters: A Novel by Richard Alther

The Future is Queer by Labonte & Schimel

Missing Mary by Charlene Spretnak

Gay Spirituality 101 by Joe Perez

Cut Hand: A Nineteeth Century Love Story on the American Frontier by Mark Wildyr

Radiomen by Eleanor Lerman

Nights at Rizzoli by Felice Picano

The Key to Unlocking the Closet Door by Chelsea Griffo

The Door of the Heart by Diana Finfrock Farrar

Occam’s Razor by David Duncan

Grace and Demion by Mel White

Gay Men and The New Way Forward by Raymond L. Rigoglioso

The Dimensional Stucture of Consciousness by Samuel Avery

The Manly Pursuit of Desire and Love by Perry Brass

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David Loman DeVore - Awake You
David Loman DeVore is a coach working, especially, with issues of Shame and unworthiness. An abuse survivor himself, he now offers in-person and over-the-internet counseling services. His  program is called AwakeYou.

gay divorce

Gay/Lesbian divorce -- this is a site run by a Florida Lawyer named Steve Miller. It's got a page of links to lots of information about dissolving same-sex marriages

gay thoughts blog
Beyond Marriage Equality: QUEER FANTASY AND CHRISTIAN DISINFORMATION, WHAT DOES BEING GAY TODAY MEAN? -- A VERY interesting article by Australian gay theologian/New Age thinker Rollan McCleary about gay consciousness, Christianity, Biblical theology, astrology and mythic symbolism. McCleary comments on a whole raft of issues from Marriage Equality to sodomy to gay happiness and fulfillment.


LGBTQ Legal Resources

Countries not safe to work, live or travel in for LGBT individuals and couples

Discrimination against the LGBT community in workplaces

Anti-discrimination laws protecting the LGBT community

Drug Rehab

LGBTQ+ and Addiction -- a page with links to resources for gay-sensitive help with substance issues.


LGBTCollege is a website for multiracial/multicultural LGBT equality with articles and videos dealing with race/culture in the LGBT community on a positive platform to express thoughts and ideas.

justice scales

Legal Resources for LGBT communities. This list is from a website by a Houston personal injury attorney named Jim Adler. The links go to a wide variety of gay and gay related organizations. This could be very helpful information.

Soulful Power

Spiritual writer, coach, retreatmaster, and breath-trainer, Christian de la Huerta is leading spiritual adventure treks to sacred places, like Languedoc in the South of France and Machu Picchu. His website is Soulful Power.

Court SystemLegal & Law Enforcement Office Locations, Hours, & Phone Numbers across the country. Find US courts, jails, prisons, police departments, sheriffs, and district attorneys, including addresses, hours, phone numbers, and services.

Quit Day has a great page on how to prevent smoking in the LGBT community and the American Cancer Society also promotes smoke-free lifestyles.


Mariangela Bettanini, whose full name as a disciple of Osho is Ma Atmo Prayan (The innermost journey), is an Italian singer living in Turkey. Her musical project, "The Invitation, songs inspired by Rumi," is 10 poems of Mevlana and put  to music, receiving the melodies and the inspiration from him, to accompany her singing at the piano in English.  "Come, whoever you are"... is Rumi's heartfelt and eternal poem which you can watch and listen to here.

Elder Circle logo

The Gay Elder Circle
is a group of gay men (more or less 55 or older), in Los Angeles, who have assembled to support and encourage each other in becoming conscious gay elders.  We come from a wide-range of backgrounds and are united in our primary purpose of being useful to younger gay men and of deep service to the gay and larger community.

adam & eve shop

The General Adult Merchandise website, Adam & Eve, offers a summary of
Gay Rights history in the U.S. posted by Nicky Pagett titled LGBT Civil Liberties in America: A Fight for Freedom to Be Human

Malidoma Some

Gays: Guardians of the Gates, an interview with Malidoma Somé by Bert H. Hoff, Sept 1993 issue of M.E.N. Magazine


Lingam Puja in New York City, hosted by David Townsend. Walking meditation in Riverside Park about 50 yards north on the nature trail that begins near the stairs into the park from Riverside Drive and 116th St. For info about times & dates.

Men of Spirit

Men of Spirit is a website devoted to raising awareness of men’s gatherings in all parts of the country with a special nod to Asheville, NC. These gatherings focus on advancing personal growth, spirituality, sacred sexuality, the connection with Self, nature and other like-minded men.

Hunter Flournoy

Hunter Flournoy teaches how to "Touch the Divine in Our Bodies and Our Lives."
Hunter has developed wonderful body positive perspectives on the spiritual life. Hunter offers events through Gay Spirit Journeys.

gay men of wisdom
"Gay men have important work to do for humanity," begins the description of Gay Men of Wisdom. Lifecoach Raymond L. Rigoglioso runs a monthly telephone discussion group, occasional weekend Intensives (at Easton Mountain) and a website about understanding gayness as a spiritual and life-positive, contributing vocation.

Kalen O'Tolan
In a new project called The Way of Falám, Joe Perez is now writing under the spiritual name Kalen O'Tolán. He's got a new website by that name. The site features philosophical and wonderfully mystical writing.

Pagan Blog Project image
The Pagan Blog Project features many wonderful articles and
announcements of interest by Donald Engstrom-Reese.

Wonderful article by Dr. Michael Picucci about Sexual Energy as healing and beneficial:
Source Energy Optimizes Life & Overcoming the Sexual /Spiritual Split: Healing Sexual Shame and Guilt

Ashram West
William Schindler, the very astute gay spiritual writer, has a new book titled
Secrets of Gay Tantra: A Gay-Centered Path to Enlightenment

Bro William has an interesting article in the April 2013 issue
of the Ashram West Newsletter titled "What is Sacred?"


Joy: Portrait of a Nun. A new film. Spiritual sanctuary, sex, sisterhood and a gathering of faeries. A bearded nun. Through an intimate lens, this feature documentary takes us on a journey with Sister Missionary P. Delight, one of the founders of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

terra mysterium
Terra Mysterium is a Chicago-based collective of musicians, actors, dancers, poets, magicians, and fire performers; creating, producing, and performing experiential works of music, theatre, and performance art that are rooted in the Earth mysteries.

Jordan Bach

Jordan Bach is a young man using YouTube, tumblr, facebook, etc to promote a positive--and spiritual--vision of gay identity. Lots of good material on his sites. Here's link to the YouTube page.

Will Roscoe

Will Roscoe is among the most important & innovative thinkers in the Gay rights Movement & Gay Spirituality specifically. Here's his website: Will's World
Roscoe writes about Two-Spirit Tradition, gay myths, Native-American cultures and more…

Myron McClellan and Lawrence Phillips hold a monthly gathering of spiritual renewal in the company of the like-minded in Denver, CO. Mystical Musings is a celebration of the sacred that promotes growth and an evolution of consciousness. Read about Myron McClellan & Lawrence Phillips--spiritual guides and bodyworkers--at

Our goal is to say The Metta Prayer at least once for each of the 7 billion plus humans on the planet. If we have 23 million people willing to commit to remembering The Metta one time each day for one year...we can change the consciousness of our a kinder, more humane way of being.

When we change how we think, We change how we act.
When we change how we act, We can change The World!
Will you help create a New World Consciousness ?
World Day of Metta

Joseph Campbell

A website for people interested in Joseph Campbell's ideas:
The Study of Myth


Of special interest to gay pagans:
Bull of Heaven: The Mythic Life of Eddie Buczynski
and the Rise of the New York Pagan by Michael Lloyd. Read Review        Order from

Older Man/Younger Man

Interesting book by
Joseph Dispenza, a former Catholic priest
about the spirituality of gay love
and about relationships between older and younger men. Older Man/Younger Man: A Love Story

Joseph Dispenza has also helped with a book called The Chemotherapy Diet with Dr. Mike Herbert. Click here for a video


Raph Solo, a British/Lebanese rock singer tells the story of his search for love and for God.
Available in digital formats from

total mortgage
The Total Guide: Home Buying for Same Sex Couples. Purchasing a home is a major undertaking for any couple, but same-sex couples must be especially diligent to make sure their investment and their interests are protected.

center for world spirituality

Gay spiritual writer Joe Perez (Soulfully Gay) is now working with the Center for World Spirituality. The site has many interesting postings in addition to Perez's. It's especially good to see an openly gay man blogging about the evolution of spirit. That's what we're here for.

perez spirituality blog

Joe Perez is particularly interested in the philosophical framework--called Integralism--developed by Ken Wilber. Here's the link to Joe's facebook page for gay spirituality


Ken Stofft, M.A., C.S.W. offers Integrative, body-centered coaching for men in change in the Oakland area. His site, Transition Power, begins "A transition is often a time of confusion, isolation, loneliness, disorientation – resulting in your feeling unsafe and out-of-balance."


nteresting article about prayers for GLBTQ people -- with examples of familiar prayers, like the Our Father, rewritten slightly to make them more inclusive of gay people's concerns -- by Paul Jesep


Rev Bill Freeman performs GLBT-affirming and Progressive Weddings in the Washington DC area.
here's link to a facebook page

Michael Parise

"The Man’s Coach," Michael Parise specializes is working with men in relationship transition: personal, professional, vocational and spiritual relationships.
As an artist, he assists other artists in “extracting the abstract” in their creative enterprise and helping them to promote themselves as professionals.

Yeshua21 offers a modern, mystical interpretation of Christianity showing the real message is not to believe in doctrines, but to find, and live out, the Christ-within-you. Free download available of Getting to Know Jesus in the 21st Century.


Tzedaqyal's Blog contains essays on religion, spirituality, mysticism and history by a Swedish gay man; it's subtitled "Spirituality, Divinity & Humanity."

Michael Picucci

Wonderful article by Dr. Michael Picucci about Sexual Energy as healing
and beneficial: Source Energy Optimizes Life. Picucci's site, Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, LGBT, Grief in New York is at

gregg cassin

  Gay Community Organizer & Storyteller Gregg Cassin,
San Francisco


CompassionSensuality.Net is the wonderfully sex-positive, post-dualistic, devoutly Buddhist and loving site of Philip Steven Knight with beautiful images, lovely music and powerful meditations. Very good advice about healing from sexual wounding and turning sexuality to loving prayer.

Having just launched last December on World Aids Day, Conscious Contraceptives is a super discrete online store for contraceptives and related products. donates proceeds to communities around the world, helping fund educational resources and provide contraceptives - as recently mentioned on MTV's Act Blog and

Ra Golden Beetle Brotherhood of Gay Egyptian Shamanism. "Kamitic Gay Men's Spirituality to Heal Yourself, our Community, and the Planet." YouTube Videos, articles, ebooks from Yoruba priest Ra Sema Ba

shokti lovestar

Shokti, a blog by Shokti Lovestar, a British Faerie, described as
"Tales of Queer Mystical emergence."

Shokti has a blog with many wonderful articles on Gay Spirituality called Rainbow Messenger



Payam Ghassemlou MFT, Ph.D. is a gay Iranian who writes on spirituality, counseling, LGBT issues, and more. He has a psychotherapy practice in West Hollywood. His website contains interesting articles on gay psychodynamics.

spirit journeys
Travel and adventure--"pilgrimage"--are traditional spiritual practices. Spirit Journeys  offers Gay Vacations, Travel, Tours, Weekend Getaways and Men's Retreats. Spirit Journeys trips offer play, adventure and relaxation, as well as the potential for personal growth and the exploration of spirituality and sexuality.

the narrow way

The Narrow Way by Chris Lemig—a book and a webblog—subtitled A Memoir of Coming Out Getting Clean and Finding Buddha. Beautifully written meditations/essays/blogs on a gay man's path to enlightenment.

Gay Tantra
Gay Tantra. Brother William Schindler, a prolific and insightful gay spiritual writer, has created Ashram West as a spiritual community for gay men in the Tantric Hindu tradition.

a space managed by David Townsend for the spirituality of gay and bisexual men. We have within ourselves the resources for our healing, liberation, and growth. Connecting with each other, we encounter the grace to lay hold of a richer, juicier life. Losing ourselves in deep play, we rediscover the bigger, freer, more joyous selves we're capable of becoming. (Related to Eaton Mountain Retreat Center).

the study of myth

The Study of Myth, a new Facebook website sponsored by the Joseph Campbell Foundation & the Pacifica Archives, keeping Joseph Campbell's message vital.

CanChristians Be Saved?

A WONDERFUL book about the true meaning of religion and spirituality from the joint perspectives of a gay man and a transwoman, with an only partly tongue-in-cheek title: Can Christians Be Saved?

Personal Finance Guide for LGBT. A very important and useful guide to living in the economic reality of modern life as sexual minorities with certain, sometimes out of the ordinary, needs and concerns.
Info on same sex marrying, getting a mortgage, living with HIV, finding scholarships, etc.

martin brant

Martin Brant is author of some seven gay novels with enlightened sensibility. His blog, Enlightened Male 2000, contains interesting "counseling tips" and a plethora of beautiful and sexy images.

Resources for Gay Christians. This is on a dating website. Independent of the site, the links are good and there are more interesting articles about gay issues and about other religions. (This site was recommended by the mother of a gay son who found it helped her understand how to think about gayness in a religious context.)

The Gay Prayer -- I am thankful that I am gay. I am proud to be the person I am.  I will try to be the best person I can be. I promise to be good to those who are less fortunate than me. I understand that I represent a greater truth, and that by being strong and that by being the person I am, the world is a better place.

four quarters farm
The Land of Four Quarters is a beautiful tract of land in the Allegheny foothills of south central Pennsylvania that has been set aside to promote the twin missions of Earth Based Spirituality and Earth Balanced Living. Not specifically gay, but VERY welcoming.

  A comprehensive consumer guide to "LGBT mortgages" explains the different approaches that same-sex couples can take in jointly owning property, getting a mortgage and other legal issues that lgbt couples may face

marie-friend-starMarie Friend has published a novel titled Star. It's described as "a brilliant tour de force through love bonds that were forged during the time of Akhenaton, strengthened during the reign of Henry XIII, and then climaxed in New York during the September 11 fall of the World Trade Center. The connections between various time periods are compelling and brilliantly wrought, yet what stands out in this wonderful novel is love. Friend’s subtle portrayals of love relationships from both the male and female perspective are deep and thought provoking."

Flesh & Spirit Community book
The Flesh & Spirit Community is "an intentional community of queer men, based in San Franscisco, who bring enlightenment, love, liberation, healing, knowledge, power, and wholeness around issues of queer men's identity, spirituality, and sexuality.

Fr. William Hart McNichols

Fr. William Hart McNichols is a former Jesuit priest and icon painter, a student of Robert Lentz. His icons, modernized, but in Russian tradition, are wonderful expressions of sainthood for today.

kahunkaMichael, the "Kahunka," gives good advice for mind & body. There are several videos of him giving cooking instructions shirtless. Michael's article on "The Law of Attraction" is one of the best statements of this idea I have ever read--the good sense, logical explanation without the "magical thinking."

spiritual bliss
Wonderful essay on experiencing spiritual bliss in the context of sexual lovemaking by Eric L. Hays-Strom, posted on Kitt Cherry's Jesus in Love blog

lorin roche
Lorin Roche, Ph.D., a zesty life-affirming approach to meditation. Very interesting site, with a good discussion of gay spirituaity by a meditation teacher in Los Angeles

GLBT Bookshelf  Gay Books a great new resource for gay genre books. You can search by category.

GSspirit, a site that explores new areas of thinking and experience of what it means to be Gay.
GSspirit > can stand for Gay ( S) sacred, soul, spirit, shaman, sexuality - Spirit or spirituality.
A web-community, social network site based in Australia. Gay Spirituality - Creating the New Myth

would Jesus discriminate
Would Jesus Discriminate? Gay rights from a Bibilical Christian perspective. What were "eunuchs" in Bibilical times?

eva thayer's websiteEva Thayer is a wonderful "wise old woman" in San Antonio. She writes: "The purpose of life is to enjoy it. To do that it is necessary to love ourselves. My perception is that human me cannot love Me the way Creator Me can. Connecting ourselves to our Creator is a sure way to love ourselves. Read about the miracles in her life and Check out her website MeLand

Mountaine Mort Jonas is a highly experienced trainer, conductor, actor, and musician in the rich honoring of true personal stories that is called Playback Theatre. He is also a long-time facilitator of Breathwork Medicine, a form of intensive breathing (similar to "rebirthing") which is a potent technique to advance self-knowledge, personal growth, transformation, and healing.

outimpact --
A new gay Internet magazine-- "Making a positive impact in the gay community. Make yours." --referred to me by the same people who created

Tom Berg: How One Pubic School Teacher Awakened His Students to The Cosmic Super Self Within

Bruce Grether Male Mystery SchoolBruce Grether's Male Mystery School -- wonderful ideas and training in the spiritual dimensions of sexuality and masturbation

Walking in Beauty

Donald Engstrom-Reese has a wonderful site and blog offering a gay conscious 
nature religion and spiritual view of life. Walking in Beauty

blue rectangle
Sell Books and Textbooks Online  BlueRectangle is all about books. We not only buy back used books and textbooks; but also offer Video book reviews. Concise and fascinating insights into a wide variety of books.

demianSweet Corn provides media productions and products that affirm self-esteem and social equality. The website,, of Demian, an actor, director, producer, world saver includes the very extensive Parterns Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples as well as an International Guide to Gay Theater Groups.

easton mountain
Easton Mountain Retreat Center is a gathering place in the mountains outside Albany NY, an intentional community, which might be characterized as a gay spiritual "freelance monastery," hosts a variety of events and conferences.

ironic horse

Contemplations of the Heart:
A Book of Male Spirit: Photography, Digital Imaging and Text by Peter Grahame.  A wonderful collection of "new age" style homoerotic photographs with wise sayings and meditative texts. A delight!

Sexual Fables
Sexual Fables by Martin Blythe is a wonderful site with revised versions of the great stories of Western Civilization, told with the sex angle written in and instead of written out. Especially, look for the gay angle in the stories Age of Consent, Women in Trousers and Vampires in Venice. BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE B&W SPIRAL called "Down the Rabbit Hole"


Here's a link to an interesting book of meditations called MESSIAH SEED by gay spiritual writer Story Waters. Check this out:

Ashe Journal of Experimental Spirituality
Here's a link to Ashe an interesting webzine
of experimental (and gay) spirituality

Bruce Grether has a wonderful website on Erotic Spirituality for Men and Mindful Masturbation as a spiritual practice called

soulful power
Christian de la Huerta of San Francisco's Q-Spirit has a very extensive website at Soulful Power

Information about de la Huerta's important and groundbreaking book Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step

mapping queer meaning
Canadian lesbian Caffyn Kelley has created a beautiful website (including complete text of her book) "Mapping Queer Meaning"  The website lists a variety of images and symbolic meanings of queer lesbian and gay identities.

out&about with Brewer & Berg
This is a wonderful contribution to the discussion of gay spirituality, a new medium for conveying important and needed insights, likely to reach people the printed word no longer reaches. Out & About with Brewer & Berg is a philosophical travelogue of Europe with two zany guys in an amazing filmed documentary of their vision quest in search of a new mythology that includes gay and lesbian consciousness. This is a delightful adventure innovatively filmed (with European sights I'd never seen before) with lots of Joseph Campbell's appealing wisdom. I totally concur with the provocative worldview Brewer & Berg proclaim.

Jesus in Love
Jesus in Love is a wonderful book, a Life of Christ, told in the first person of Jesus, but presented as a "modern person," psychologically and sexually aware. The "autobiography" of Jesus, written by lesbian Christian minister Kittredge Cherry, portrayes Jesus honestly--and wonderfully--dealing with the sexual dynamics of his human life. The book was sent to Toby Johnson for advice during preparation for publication. DO watch for it. And in the meantime, check out Kitt Cherry's website. (Look at the page called "Pray with us" for some wonderful graphics, including an attractive Jesus rising from the tomb.


An example of Modern mythopoesis: The Drums of Legenderry, a collection of fantasy short stories  by writer/poet/drummer--and Foothills Family member--John Orlando. About the meaning and
"magic" of rhythm.

fellow travelers

Mark Thompson, author of Gay Spirit: Myth and Meaning, the book that arguably started the gay spirituality movement, has a website showing his photos of gay spiritual leaders from the exhibit Fellow Travelers, with links to Thompson's books

Leather sexuality from a spiritual perspective by a German gay leatherman living in London and occasional contributor to White Crane Journal at meFFisto

stuffed animal
Christ, the Gay Martyr is a blog by an African American gay man in Kansas City who goes by Stuffed Animal. There are postings about Christianity and homosexuality. Very positive and uplifting.

golden beetle

Khaemille is
American Gay High Priest initiated as a Babalawo (diviner) of the Yoruba Ifa religion as well as the founder of the House of Amun, a spiritual training system based upon the teachings of Ancient Egypt designed for Gay healers and metaphysicians. This link is to a YouTube video about the black gay spiritual Path of the Golden Beetle. He has a website at

apolloniusThe first "Bible" was originally written by Marcion of Synope; The Savior's name was Isu Chrestos. A similar Savior with a similar message was Apollonius of Tyana. Students of the origins of Christianity will be interested in reading about the precursors to the Gospels. Check out

Toby Johnson, PhD is author of eight books: three non-fiction books that apply the wisdom of his teacher and "wise old man," Joseph Campbell to modern-day social and religious problems, three gay genre novels that dramatize spiritual issues at the heart of gay identity, and two books on gay men's spiritualities and the mystical experience of homosexuality. In addition to the novels featured elsewhere in this web site, Johnson is author of IN SEARCH OF GOD IN THE SEXUAL UNDERWORLD and THE MYTH OF THE GREAT SECRET (Revised edition): AN APPRECIATION OF JOSEPH CAMPBELL.

Johnson's Lammy Award winning book GAY SPIRITUALITY: The Role of Gay Identity in the Transformation of Human Consciousness was published in 2000. His Lammy-nominated book  GAY PERSPECTIVE: Things Our Homosexuality Tells Us about the Nature of God and the Universe was published by Alyson in 2003. Both books are available now from Lethe Press.

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