Buddhist Wish of Noble Sympathy:

May I be happy, may I maintain my happiness & live without any enmity.

May all beings be successful and happy: May they be of joyful mind,
    all beings that breathe & have life.

Let all beings enjoy safety, contentment, ease & bliss.
Let no one deceive another, let no one be harsh in speech.
Let no one by anger or hatred wish ill to his neighbor.

Even as a mother, at the risk of her own life, guards and protects her only child,
    so with a boundless heart of compassion, I venerate all living beings
    by permeating the entire universe with sympathy, above, beneath & all around
    without limit — compassion for the sorrows of others, immeasurable joy in their joys.

Thus I cultivate an infinite Goodwill toward this whole world.
During all my waking hours I treasure this thought that this very way of caring is
       indeed the truly noblest behavior in this whole wide world.

Thus shall I, by stilling pointless discussions & controversies,
    by acting blamelessly, be gifted with tranquility & true insight.

Thus shall I subdue sense-pleasure urge & never again know involuntary rebirth.

    May this inspire all beings to fulfill the conditions leading to Nirvana.
    May all beings be thus utterly liberated & released from suffering.
    May all beings thus escape the dangers of ageing, disease and death.

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