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Gay Spirituality — A Very Queer Vision
The gay-affirming novels and books of Toby Johnson
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Toby Johnson's books from
Biography of Toby Johnson
Queering Religion
Finding Your Own True Myth: What I Learned from Joseph Campbell
The Myth of the Great Secret: An Appreciation of Joseph
Gay Spirituality: Gay Identity & the Transformation of
Gay Perspective
Secret Matter by Toby Johnson
Afterword, Preface, and Book Recommendation
Getting Life in Perspective:
The Fourth Quill-a Novel
Two Spirits
Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling
White Crane Gay Spirituality Series
Quest of Life
Aliens Settle in San Francisco
Liberty Books
Gay marriage
A Bifurcation in Gay Spirituality
Why Gay People Should Not Get Married
The Scriptural Basis for Same Sex Marriage
Toby & Kip Get Married
Wedding Cake Liberation
Same-sex Marriage in Texas
What's Ironic about the fight against gay marriage
Shame on the American People
The Highest Form of Love
Why People need homosexuality to be a sin
The Cause of Homosexuality According to Jesus
Jungian Ideas about Gay Consciousness
What is Homosexuality?
What is "Gay Spirituality"?
The Three Messages of Gay Spirituality
What Jesus Said About Gay Rights
Common Experiences Unique to Gay Men
Gay Perspective Introduction
The Purpose of Homosexuality
The Nature of Homosexuality
What the Bible Says about Homosexuality
Mesosexual Ideal
Varieties of Gay Spiritualities
Waves of Liberation
The Gay Succession
Wouldn't You Like to Be a Uranian
The Reincarnation of Edward Carpenter?
Spirituality As Artistic Medium
Toby at Easton Mountain Retreat Center
Andrew Harvey, mystic and activist
The Mysticism of Andrew Harvey
The Upside Down Book in MSNBC's Library
It's Always All About You
The Myth of Avalokiteshvara
You Are Not a Wave
Joseph Campbell on Aging
Lifetimes in an ego
Emptiness--Sunyata--& Religious Ideas
Experiencing experiencing experiencing
Going Into the Light
Meditation Practices For A Funeral
The Way to Get to Heaven
Buddha's Father Was Right
The notion of Anatman
Advice to Travelers to India & Nepal
Danda Nata or Punishment by Performance
Nate Berkus as Buddhist saint
Cutting Edge Realization
The Myth of the Wanderer
Change: Source of Suffering, Source of Bliss
God comes into the World in wonderful places
What the Vows Really Mean
Manifesting from the Subtle Realms
The Three Layer Cake
The Dream of the Ipse Solus: A Meditation on Personal
A Meditation on Effective Dreaming, Personal Intention, and
Curious Bodies
Toby's Central Ideas
The Joseph Campbell Connection
The Mann Ranch Seminars
Joseph Campbell & the Pre/Trans Fallacy
The Two Loves
The Nature of Religion
The Truth about Religion
Being Gay is a Blessing
Drawing the Long Straw
Freedom of Religion
The Gay Agenda
Gay Saintliness
Spiritual Functions
Subtle Workings of the Spirit in Gay Men's Lives
The Sinfulness of Homosexuality
Gay non-dualism
Priestly Sexuality
Having a Church So You Can Leave It
The Beauty of All Things
Marian Doctrines and the Catholic Church
Not the Prayerpost
Monastic Homosexuality
Is It Time to Grow Up?
Notes on Licking
Redeem Orlando
Wisdom from Shokti LoveStar
Alexander Renault interviews Toby Johnson
Spiritual Evolution
Saint John of the Cross' Dark Night and Gay Consciousness
Avalokiteshvara at the Baths
Eckhart's Eye
Let me tell you a secret
Religious Articulations
The Collective Unconscious and the Dragons of Eden
Driving Samadhi
The Word
No Stealing
The Next Step in Evolution
The New Myth
The Moulting of the Holy Ghost
Gaia is a Bodhisattva
The Hero's Journey
The Hero's Journey
You're On Your Own
The Nature of Evil
Sufi Dancing
Adam and Steve
The Life Is In The Blood
Gay Retirement
Seeing with Different Eyes
Facing the Edge
What Are You Looking For in a Gay Science Fiction Novel?
The Myth of the Great Secret: Prologue
God Drives a Maroon Buick
The Great Dance by C.S. Lewis
Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby
The Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara
Jesus and the Resurrection
A Course in Miracles
The Clear Light
Understanding the Clear Light
Mobius Strip
Your Tiger Face
How Gay Souls Get Reincarnated
Joseph Campbell, the Hero's Journey, and the Gay Hero
Alien Abduction
In Honor of Sir Arthur C. Clarke
Karellen was a homosexual
The D.A.F.O.D.I.L. Alliance
Intersections with When We Rise
More History of S.F. & Gay Mental Health Services
Toby Johnson, Psych Tech
Early years in San Francisco
Rainbow Flag
Gay Mythic Story Suggestion
Kip and Toby, Activists
Toby and Toby
Harry Hay
Harry Hay Conference
Michael Talbot
My friend, Bernard Lynch
Richard Baltzell
Guy Mannheimer, Mann Ranch and Esther Bell
My friend, David Weyrauch
Meet Dennis Paddie
Ask the Fire by Dennis Paddie
Arthur Evans, gay pioneer
The Divine Androgyne by Christopher Larkin
About Mark Thompson
Sterling Houston
Michael Stevens
San Antonio's Alamo Business Council
Tom Nash
Second March
Statement of Spirituality
Review: Be Done on Earth
Review: Pay Me What I'm Worth
The Way Out
The Gay Disciple
Art That Dares
Extinguishing the Light
Over Coffee
Dark Knowledge
Janet Planet
The Kairos & Wrestling With Jesus
Review: Kali Rising by Rudolph Ballentine
The Missing Myth by Gilles Herrada
The Scar Letters
The Future is Queer
Review: Missing Mary
Review: Gay Spirituality 101
Cut Hand by Mark Wildyr
Review: Radiomen
Review: Nights at Rizzoli
The Key to Unlocking the Closet Door
Door of the Heart
Occam's Razor
Grace and Demion
Gay Men and The New Way Forward
The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness
The Manly Pursuit of Desire and Love
Love Together
Review: War Between Materialism and Spiritualism
Review: The Serpent's Gift
Review: Esalen: America and the Religion of No Religion
The Invitation to Love
Review: Brain, Consciousness, and God: A Lonerganian
Review: A Walk with Four Spiritual Guides by Andrew Harvey
Review: Can Christians Be Saved
Review: The Lost Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Schools
Review: Keys to Spiritual Being
Review: In Walt We Trust
Review: Solomon's Tantric Song
Review: A Special Illumination
Review: Aelred's Sin
Review: Fruit Basket: A Gay Man's Journey
Review: Internal Landscapes
Review: Princes & Pumpkins
Review: Yes by Brad Boney
Review: Blood of the Goddess by William Schndler
Review: Roads of Excess, Palaces of Wisdom by Jeffrey J Kripal
Review: Evolving Dharma by Jay Michaelson
Review: Jesus in Salome's Lot by Brett W Gillette
Review: The Man Who Loved Birds by Fenton Johnson
Review: Murder in the Vatican by Lucien Gregoire
Review: "Sex Camp" by Brian McNaught
Review: Out & About with Brewer & Berg Episode One
Review: The Soul Beneath the Skin by David Nimmons
Review: Out on Holy Ground: Meditations on Gay Men's
Review: The Revolutionary Psychology of Gay-Centreredness
Review: Out There by Perry Brass
Review: The Crucifixion of Hyacinth by Geoff Puterbaugh
Review: The Silence of Sodom by Mark D Jordan
Review: It's Never About What It's About by Krandall Kraus and
Review: ReCREATIONS: Religion and Spirituality in the Lives of
Review: Gospel: A Novel by Wilton Barnhardt
Review: Keeping Faith by Fenton Johnson
Review: Dating the Greek Gods by Brad Gooch
Review: Telling Truths in Church: Scandal, Flesh, and
Review: The Substance of God by Perry Brass
Review: The Tomcat Chronicles by Jack Nichols
Review: 10 Smart Things Gay Men Can Do to Improve Their Lives
Review: Jesus and the Shamanic Tradition of Same Sex Love by
Review: The Third Appearance: A Crisis of Perception by Walter Starcke
Review: Surviving and Thriving After a Life-Threatening
Review: Men, Homosexuality, and the Gods by Ronald Long
A White Crane Conversation with Ronald Long
Review: Queering Creole Spiritual Traditions by Conner & Sparks
A White Crane Conversation with Randy Conner
Review: Pain, Sex and Time: A New Outlook on Evolution and the
Review: Sex and the Sacred: Gay Identity and Spiritual Growth
Review: Blessing Same-Sex Unions by Mark Jordan
Review: Rising Up: Reflections on Gay Culture, Politics, and
Review: Soulfully Gay by Joe Perez
Review: That Undeniable Longing: My Road To and From the
Review: Vintage by Steve Berman
Review: Wisdom for the Soul by Larry Chang
Review: Mindful Masturbation for Men DVD
Review: Double Cross by David Ranan
Review: The Transcended Christian by Daniel Helminiak
Review: Jesus in Love I & II by Kittredge Cherry
Review: In The Eye of the Storm by Gene Robinson
Review: The Starry Dynamo by Sven Davisson
Review: Life in Paradox: The Story of a Gay Catholic Priest by
Review: Spirituality for Our Global Community by Daniel
Review: Gay and Healthy in a Sick Society by Robert Minor
Review: Coming Out: Irish Gay Experiences by GLen O'Brien
Review: Queering Christ by Robert Goss
Review: Skipping Towards Gomorrah by Dan Savage
Review: The Flesh of the Word by Richard A Rosato
Review: Catland by David G Izzo
Review: Tantra for Gay Men by Bruce Anderson
Review: Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic by Darren Main
Review: Simple Grace: A Mentor's Guide to Growing Older by
Review: Seventy Times Seven by Salvatore Sapienza
Review: What Does Queer Mean Anyway? by Chris Bartlett
Critique of Patriarchal Reasoning by Arthur Evans
Gift of the Soul: A Spiritual Journey by Dale Colclasure & David Jensen
Review: Legend of the Rainbow Warriors by Steven McFadden
Review: The Liar's Prayer: A Grouch's Guide to Enlightenment by Gregory Flood
Review: Lovely Are the Messengers by Daniel Plasman
Review: The Human Core of Spirituality: Mind as Psyche and
Review: 3001: The Final Odyssey by Arthur C Clarke
Review: Religion and the Human Sciences
Review: Only the Good Parts
Books with a Message
Life Interrupted: Taking Charge After Everything Has Changed
Confessions of a Murdered Pope
The Stargazer's Embassy
Conscious Living, Conscious Aging: Embrace & Savor Your
Footprints Through the Desert
True Religion
The Mediterranean Universe
Everything is God
Everywhere Home by Fenton Johnson
Hard Lesson: The Second Asher Mystery
God vs. Gay? The Religious Case for Equality
The Gate of Tears: Sadness and the Spiritual Path
Review: Roxie & Fred by RIchard Alther
Review: Not the Son He Expected by Tim Clausen
Review: The 9 Realities of Stardust by Bruce P. Grether
Review: The Afterlife Revolution by Anne & Whitley Strieber
Review: AIDS Shaman by Shokti Lovestar
Review: Facing the Truth of Your Life by Merle Yost
Review: The Super Natural by Strieber & Kripal
Review: Secret Body by Jeffrey J Kripal
Review: In Hitler's House I & II by Jonathan Lane
Review: Walking on Glory by Edward Swift
Review: The Paradox of Porn by Donald Shewey
Review: Is Heaven for Real? by Lucien Gregoire
Review Enigma and Blood & Dirt by Lloyd A. Meeker
Review: Scissors, Paper, Rock
Days of Love - Elisa Rolle
The Passion of Christ
LoveSpirit 2014 - Toby Johnson Presentation
Prayer for Barack Obama
Joseph Campbell and the Lunar Vision
I Want to Know Them All
Christ Invests Himself
Bonobos and Gay Reincarnation
The Best Gay Science Fiction Novel Ever
Spiritual Questions in Gay Counseling
Proto Faerie Gathering - Fault of the Earth
California Institute
Stonewall Riots 1969
The Hustler Study
Ralph Walker and The Loving Brotherhood
Bro. Martin McMurtrey, my teacher
Eva Thayer
My Friend and Teacher Dr Kim McKell
Male Sexuality by Ken Stofft
Bucheron The Woodsman by Mathurin Moreau
Photos at Gay Spirit Visions 2004
Halloween Dance Photos
More Photos
The Arrival of the Visitors
Lethe Press Books
The Fourth Quill
The Clear Light Colony
Proposition: John Boswell was a Reincarnation of Immanuel Kant
Charmed Lives Reviews
Bad Reviews of Charmed Lives
In Search of God in the Sexual Underworld: A Mystical Journey
Manuscript of Awakening for free download
Manuscript of Bowman's World for free download
From the Center for American Progress
Review: Gay Perspective by Donald Boisvert
Noble Sympathy
More about Gay Retirement
Two Spirits Reviews
Press Release (long)
Two Spirits